Yeonmi Park Opens Up About Her Struggles in North Korea

Ms Yeonmi Park, 21, has finally opened up to talk about the horrible life that she and her family had in North Korea before they managed to escape to China. She was 13 back in 2007 when she and her mother managed to flee the country that is rigidly controlled by the state.
As stated in her book In Order to Live, North Korea’s fall started in 1990, when the Soviet Union broke apart leading to Moscow dropping the friendly rates for exports to North Korea. It led to the collapse of North Korea’s economy. As famine struck the country, many citizens passed away due to either lack of food or disease. Many people starved and could not survive the ordeal.
Ms Park narrates that people struggled to get food under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Il. Her family was no exception as they were forced to eat grasshoppers, flowers, and dragonflies due to lack of proper diet.
Yeonmi Park says that her family struggled through these harsh conditions. Eventually, she got used to seeing many dead bodies along the streets. Her father was later to be arrested for the offence of smuggling.
Ms Parks mother convinced a man to traffic them to China. The journey took them through River Yalu and past the guards before getting to the border of China. They finally got to China but as Park narrates, their troubles were not yet over as their supposed rescuer turned out to be a rapist. The man refused to let them go. He held them captive at his home where he raped her mother and later raped her too many times.
Ms Park explains that her first encounter with sex was when she witnessed her mother being raped by the man who then turned on her as well. She says that it was a nightmare to her, as she had not anticipated that sort of thing to happen her.
The two were kept prisoners at the traffickers home for two years before he could release them. All this period the two went through agony and suffering. When the man released them, they were now able to reach Mongolia safely and later flew to South Korea.
Currently, Ms Park lives in New York, but she travels all over the world raising awareness about the harsh conditions in North Korea. Park is now a high-profile activist with a tremendous impact on society. She has met with other high profile personalities like Hillary Clinton. Her book In Order to Live has assisted her a great deal in her pursuit of creating awareness around the world over the suffering of the people of North Korea.
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