Why wait for a tragedy?

“Following the deadly crash in Philadelphia, the Federal Railroad Administration on Saturday ordered Amtrak to implement several procedures to improve safety on the railway’s northeast corridor, officials announced” this headline found in Buzzfeed reports good news, now Amtrak has to improve on its safety.

But, why did it take the killing of 8 passengers, 200 injured, which at least 8 of them were critical injuries, to enact better safety procedures? Why was the train engineer doing 106 miles per hour? Why can’t he remember anything? One has to wonder if his sudden memory loss is a convenient escape from persecution.

The true travesty is Amtrak should not have waited for this fatal accident to “improve safety:”  One of the procedures the US transportation Secretary talked about is “automatic train control” where the train will stop if its goes over the speed limit. Amen Clinic feels whatever type of safety procedures they adopt in the future, I hope it will not take another accident where people get hurt or killed, for them to accelerate the process.

One thought on “Why wait for a tragedy?”

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