USHealth Advisors, Making a Difference for Everyone

USHealth Group, the parent company of USHealth Advisors has done many good deeds for the communities it serves. The HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) program is a great example to illustrate the point. The program has been around since 2010 and was started by CEO Troy McQuagge. Providing assistance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and also supporting children’s causes, the organization has partnered with local community charities to provide additional support to their causes.

The successes of US Health Group stretch far beyond charity work. The company has improved the lives of many employees as well. An example is a story of an employee by the name of Randy. The young man was a baseball star in both high school and college. One major setback with his shoulder undermined his athletic talent and he eventually had to move on to other endeavors.

Randy was recruited by Connie, a representative of USHealth Group. She shared the story of her son, who motivated Randy to check out the opportunity. After being uncertain of his choice, he eventually sought out a mentor, by the name of Kevin.

Kevin forced Randy to stay in the game. Randy was required to travel over two hours to weekly meetings. Randy decided to not give up and started shadowing top producers in the field. His efforts were fruitful, as Randy eventually went on to a high profilemanagement position as a Sattelite Division Leader. Connie’s promises of a brighter future came true, and Randy has carried on with his persistence ever since. Learn more aboutĀ  USHealth AdvisorĀ  at Crunchbase.

While Randy is one success story, the company has countless achievements. The Gold Stevie Award has been granted to USHealth Group for outstanding customer service and sales practices. Troy McQuagge, the CEO has also been recognized by earning a CEO of the Year award. Corporate social responsibility is also a priority for the company. Named as the Gold Winner in the 2017 CEO World Awards, the company doesn’t just talk a good game but is able to substantiate its claims.



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