Uncommon Courage

“Law enforcement officers quickly assembled intent on standing in proxy for Dakota’s dad who was unable to witness his eldest son mark the competition of a successful high school career”
Dakota Smith has given new meaning to the word COURAGE. Set to attend, walk in and celebrate his High School graduation Dakota prepared with excitement I’m sure for what should have been a milestone in his life. But life sometimes has a way of turning on a dime, May 15th was this turn for Dakota and his family as tragedy struck on the same morning of his graduation commencement! As preparations were under way for Dakota’s graduation, news of a death clouded the excitement. His father, a reserve Deputy Sheriff with the Johnson County Sheriff’s office lost his life in a exchange of gunfire with a burglary suspect according to Steve Murray.  Not only did Dakota lose his dad, but he would not be able to share this day with him. Although not even coming close to having his dad by his side, Dakota did experience an act of compassion that I’m sure he will never forget. Area law enforcement officers quickly gathered together to stand in proxy for Dakota’s dad. How awesome is that? The courage of Dakota and his family was displayed in the same fashion that his dad lived in life and death.

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