Town Residential At The NYC Real Estate Expo

In early November of 2015, a real estate expo was held in New York City. Many important real estate businesspeople of prominence were in attendance, including Ken McCarthy from Cushman & Wakefield, Peter Von Der Ahe from Marcus & Millichap, Clarion Partners’ Tim Wang, and Spencer Levy of CBRE, just to name a few of the real estate professionals there.

2015 has been a great year for the real estate market in New York City, noted that it “has been a very strong year” by Mr. Ken McCarthy. New York City’s housing market continues to grow consistently and has a firm foothold as the number one area to buy a home in the world — that is, if a home is even available. A tiny apartment will usually cost more than half a million dollars, with actual houses ranging in the millions of dollars. Space is scarce in the Big Apple, which is the main constraint of housing in NYC Apartments for sale.

One of the most important real estate firms in New York City is Town Residential. Town Residential was chartered in 2010 by business partners Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger, who today are the co-chairman of the board and the chief executive officer, respectively. Town Residential almost exclusively focuses on apartments, homes, and properties worth at least one million dollars. In other words, Town Residential is the leading real estate company operating primarily in New York City dealing in nearly exclusively luxury homes.

It has been reported that attempting to lease any office space in any buildings in New York City has been difficult because there is so much competition for little spots available for offices. This trend is expected to continue into 2016 and probably even longer than that in New York City.

Town Residential has a long accumulation of listings of homes, apartments, condos, and all sorts of other living spaces in New York City. Everybody in New York City who is looking for a home or apartment to buy will have to be willing to fork over at least five hundred thousand dollars or risk not finding a good place to live. Town has listings for less than a million dollars, and have had some worth $30,000,000.

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