The Wolfe Is Hungry

What do bees and wolves have in common? Nothing, other than being from Earth. It doesn’t go, the wolf and the bees?… Or does it!

Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe, 25 will change how that goes. After co-founding Tinder, dating another co-founder and getting harassed after the break up. Her million dollar law suit put a dent in Tinder’s agenda. She is back and ready to respond with her new app. This app will forever change the dating game. It is already starting to take shape, and takes it’s place. It’s already in the top five most used dating apps.

Bumble is going viral! Hitting America by storm! In this app Only women can hit on men. Or shall I say, “message him first.” Women are very happy about this and Whitney Wolfe has been getting a lot of positive feedback.

Now with this style where women approach first is leading to healthier relationships. The Woman already has a great deal of respect before actually meeting a man this way. A lot more happy first dates, for women. The creeps are weeded out. This was really a good idea! No it was a great idea!

Whitney Wolfe sure did a number with this one. Something like this was bound to happen. Especially when you treat a co-founder as something less than you. Just because you dated doesn’t mean after words your not an equal. With that kind of sexism you lose. In more ways than one.

After teaming up with Badoo founder, Andrey Andreev the worked long and hard on a sweet new app. Bumble is born!

2014’s Business Insider’s put Wolfe in the 30 most important women under 30. That’s quite an achievement for any woman. Thanks to Wolfe, Women can date safe again.


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