The Success of Dan Newlin Law Firm

Dan Newlin and associates partner to form a personal injury law firm that is committed to helping accident and injury victims to recover all what they are entitled to due to various injuries. Dan Newlin is one of the Florida top-rated injury attorneys, having helped many accident victims recover over one hundred million dollars for injuries arising from various categories of accidents. He deals with both physical and psychological accidents that may be caused by individual negligence or by careless conduct of other people. He is ever ready to be consulted by victims who want to receive compensation for accidental damages and losses.

His Florida-based offices work round the clock to ensure victims get the justice they are entitled to. Lawyers in his firm understand the needs of victims and the fact that personal injuries can lead to devastating effects on the injured persons and their beneficiaries. His law firm is dedicated to helping victims to heal their psychological effects resulting from an injury, coupled with economic hardship that arises when they lose their income. He has qualified, knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced lawyers with unbeatable experience in law.

The lawyers provide free legal advice to victims, consequently helping them to get due compensation for their losses. The firm deals with accidents relating to medical malpractices, wrongful death, pedestrians, auto accidents, slip and fall, birth injuries, pharmaceutical malpractices among other accidents. It is important to consult them if one has a claim to pursue in the court of law for them to evaluate the nature of the case and start the judicial process.

The firm also provides legal services and advice that majority of insurance agencies do not provide. The chances of winning a claim while working with Dan Newlin and partners are very high since lawyers have developed a profound reputation in presenting and arguing the case successfully. Their dedication to helping injured people maximize the monetary recovery as well as protecting the legal rights of victims through professional legal representation.

Dan Newlin understands how traumatic personal accidents can affect victims, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, he offers necessary step-step actions to take after an occurrence of an injury. For instance, how soon should a victim report the case to the police? What’s the importance of getting contacts and names of the witnesses and taking photographs of the scene? A victim needs to make a phone call which is free, after which Dan Newlin and his team of lawyers respond quickly. Besides, he will provide assistance to victims with respect to actions that they ought to address shortly after the accident.

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