The Rising Of Professor Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch was born in the year 1959. He is a well-known American college administrator, a former professor and an author. Jonathan is the president of Occidental College located in Los Angeles. Mr. Veitch became president in July 2009, succeeding Mr. Robert Skotheim. Professor Jonathan was a professor previously at the University of Wisconsin and prior to that he was the dean of studies at the new Eugene Lang College. He also authored American Super realism: the Politics of representation in 1940 and Nathanael West.

The Early Life of Mr. Jonathan Veitch
Mr. Veitch was born in Los Angeles, in the state of California. His father was called Mr. John Veitch. He was the president of the Columbia Pictures’ productions. Professor Veitch went to Loyola High School in south California before attaining his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in American Literature and English.

In the year 1993, Jonathan Veitch became an associate professor of English. As a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, he published his first book, an American Super realism: the Politics of representation and Nathanael West. Mr. Veitch relocated to New York and became an associate professor teaching courses in cultural history, American film and American history. Later on, Mr. Veitch became Dean of Eugene Lang College in the year 1994, where he taught for four years which led to him becoming the president of Occidental College in the year 2009.

Mr. Veitch Occidental College
Veitch was the first native Angeleno president from Los Angeles of Occidental College. Jonathan Veitch did his best to improve the relationship between the surrounding community and the College thus limiting the expansion of the campus due to the concerns of the surrounding neighborhood.

Mr Jonathan first anniversary was marked by hosting a public forum for Los Angeles activists together with local officials to discuss the city’s futures environment. Professor Veitch was the first person to name the new Occidental’s football stadium in the year 2011.
The school in its 125th anniversary, Mr. Veitch announced that the school had received a recipient of $5 million as donation to refurbish the Johnson Hall which was one of the 3 founder buildings in the campus. Mr Veitch also went on to unravel a new discovery of a 1 megawatt solar array on the campus which was to generate a portion of the campus’s energy supply.

Professor Veitch Personal life
Sarah Ann Baxter Kersh, a former director for Calvin Klein got married to Professor Veitch in December 1992.

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