The Qi Group Becomes Part of a UN Initiative

Qi Group is well known as the parent company of the e-commerce giant QNet. Now, the Qi Group is being recognized by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network. Yahoo Finance is reporting that the Qi Group is coming onboard as the newest signatory organizations in the UNGC. For those not familiar with the UNGC, is a very popular sustainability initiative and, possibly, the largest.

Members of the Qi group were in attendance at the 2015 International CSR Summit, an event held in Singapore. At the event, the Qi Group noted it is strongly committed to engaging in business practices designed to support sustainability. Not ever business operates in a responsible manner. Businesses and corporations large and small all have their own opinions about how to be responsible. The Qi Group definitely is seeking to be one of the “good guys” and fall under the category of companies interested in being more responsible and environmentally conscious.

The fact that Joseph Bismark is on the Board of Directors of the Qi Group might factor into why the decision is being made to follow the initiative. Bismark has made a name for himself promoting the connection between spirituality and self-growth in the world of business. Taking the group into a path of better sustainability and a commitment to being more responsible really does fit in with the vision he has consistently supported.

Bismark has provided a wealth of knowledge on how to succeed in business to those interested in his advice. Of course, he is also successful as an entrepreneur and manager. Those interested in learning about better ways to improve their own business endeavors should look into the information he has to offer.

Through taking part in the United Nations’ initiative, the Qi Group is positioning itself as a business willing to give a little back to the community. Additionally, the company is seeking to establish itself as a member of a collective group of business better committed to provide a good place for employees to make a living. All of these things do add up for a lot of positive PR for the company, which is another plus.

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