The Medical Career Of Dr. David Samadi

     It’s irrefutable that menopause is one of the most significant stages in a woman’s reproductive cycle. To many, the period comes is filled with emotions given the fact that the onset of the stage is a mark of the end of a woman’s ability to bear children.

Regardless of what menopause holds for each woman, it is a stage that every woman will have to go through at a given point in the life. According to medical experts, women need to understand the menopause before they even get there. A woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes during this stage. Having prior information helps most females deal with various symptoms that arise from this juncture.

A lot of information on when and what women should expect during menopause is available on the internet. According to Dr, David Samadi, there are several questions women need to ask themselves way before they arrive at menopause. One of the questions is; at what age should a woman expect menopause? There is no specific date for every woman to begin menopause. Our genes contribute substantially to our diversity. Some women will stop menstruating at a different time compared to other women. The average age for menopause is 51 years. Some ladies will start as early as 45 years or as late as 55 years.

Several symptoms manifest in an individual who’s going through menopause. Some women complain of sudden hot flashes while some have problems with mood and vaginal lubrication. The most severe of menopause symptoms is hot flashes and women are advised to avoid possible triggers of the symptom.

Some of the chronic health conditions that are associated with menopause include brittle bone disease better known as osteoporosis. To deal with the state women are advised to increase their intake of calcium-rich diets such as dairy products and vegetables.

According to a renowned medical expert in the field of oncology and reproductive health, Dr. David Samadi, women should hold this conversation so that they are better prepared to handle what comes with menopause.

Dr. David Samadi boasts of vast experience in the fields of urology, oncology, and laparoscopic surgery. He has helped a lot of individuals get access to the best solutions from his area of specialization. Dr. David Samadi holds several influential posts at the Lenox Hill Hospital, and he is one of the medical correspondents for a renowned broadcaster, Fox News.

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