The Manse On Marsh Golden Living At It’s Best

In San Luis Obispo there is this amazing facility that offers both independent and assisted living to seniors. The place is called The Manse On Marsh and it is simply amazing. First thing we should talk about is the care team. The team of people who work here have amazing talent. They actually care about people and bring their best skills to The Manse On Marsh everyday. When you talk with these people you soon realize that this is not a facility, it is a place that feels like home. It offers the love and care on a personal level. I know that my loved one will not become just another number here. The Manse on Marsh offers an Executive Chef who loves to bring meal plans to live as well as Sous Chef. They also offer an activities director who meets the growing needs of active seniors within the center and that is just the start.

They have a Sales Director and to call him by that title is unthinkable. His name is Ron Freeman and Ron is more concerned about the benefits that the facility offers and how he can help the seniors. Imagine that, a real human being that is concerned mot about making a buck from a sale, but, concerned about caring for our loved ones. That is a true blessing.

Okay, let’s talk about what it is like to live there. Imagine that you are in your ‘Golden Years’ and you check into a grand hotel. This hotel is going to allow you to stay there forever. This place provides everything you could ever want. As for the rooms, there are many options. Suites and cottages, everything from one bed room to three bedrooms. This provides the flexible options any lifestyle could want. There are amenities beyond belief too. Two restaurants, it’s own movie theater and rooftop decks and glass topped atrium.

Don’t worry, you and your loved ones have access to computers, reading devices, books and printers in Papa’s Library. The Manse on Marsh is just like home away from home. They even have freshly buttered popcorn in the cinema. Feel free to watch whatever is playing, which is everything from classics to recent releases. What could be better?

Let’s face it, our loved ones deserve a great place to stay during these Golden Years and The Manse On Marsh is a great choice for so many reasons. It is peaceful knowing that while you are out working and doing the things you have to do on a daily basis, your loved ones are being cared for with real love and compassion. The Manse on Marsh was well worth my looking into and I am so happy that I took the time to do so. If you have a loved one who needs a facility, take the time and review The Manse on Marsh like Senior Housing Net has.

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