The Life of Bruce Levenson

The life of Bruce Levenson is one of great success. He has done a great job in the world of business in a variety of industries. According to ESPN Sports, when he purchased the Atlanta Hawks, the team was one of the worst in the NBA. Through a lot of hard work and careful planning, he was able to take the team to the next level. Looking at his life, it is easy to see that his work ethic has helped him get places that other people envy.

Bruce Levenson

From the time he was young, Bruce Levenson has always to invest in his local community. After he sold his first business, he wanted to relocate to a growing area. This is why he settled on Atlanta, and he quickly got to work being involved in the local community. A lot of people look up to the success that he has had in a short period of time within the city. He is involved in a lot of local real estate projects and helps many people who are less fortunate than him.

Future Plans

UCG co-founder Bruce Levenson is currently involved in a lawsuit pertaining to his time with the Hawks. Although this is a temporary setback, he is not letting it discourage him from investing time and money into the city. In the coming years, he wants to continue to pour his resources into helping other people get to the next level.


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