The Hop Story

There are countless stereotypes that surround consuming alcoholic beverages based on gender. Stereotypically it is depicted that men like drinking brews made with a lot of hops and prefer to drink darker ales. In the same stereotypical notion women enjoy drinking wine or lighter brewed ales. After recent online information was collected it was noted that beers that are brewed with more hops contain products that can increase estrogen levels in those who consume them. It was also noted that men can develop what forms out to be breasts and can be stricken with erectile dysfunction due to the same feminine product known as phytoestrogen. Hops are biologically female flowers when it comes to the nature of the hop plant. These plants contain phytoestrogen which is estrogen for plant life.


A herbalist and author Stephen Haywood Buhner has attributed the phytoestrogen occurrence in beer as a leading reason for men to develop breasts and trouble with erectile dysfunction. Hops were originally used in herbal medicine prior to the 1500. The drinks made with hops are used to treat insomnia and menopause. There haven’t been any substantial studies to prove the information provided by the herbalist. Critics remain suspicious of the evidence and its lack of critical testing or clinical trials. The same critics 1 test run to show if phytoestrogen even keeps its form during the brewing process. Brewing companies are scheduling test to credit or discredit these findings.¬†Adam Sender wants to see the results, especially if they are posted on The Observer.

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