Talkspace: Get Ready For Change

Talkspace is the company that is looking to change things and they are starting right this second. First and foremost, they want to change the lives of their clients that come to them for therapy and for advice. Talk therapy has proven to be very successful for a lot of people in bad situations in their life. They can figure out where it all starts, how to fix it, and how they can move forward in their life. Talkspace wants people to feel comfortable moving forward and feel comfortable with the decisions they are making for their future. These are the decisions that are going to shape their future for the better and the long haul.

As far as the other type of change they are looking to do, they are looking to change the way that people can obtain therapy. Between their text messages, phone calls, and videos, a client can have everything at their fingertips with this app. This is a new way of therapy and I would argue it is a better way. It is easier to see someone, cheaper, and they get a more personal touch. They are talking with someone on the phone that really understands their plight. They have their pulse on what is bothering this individual and how they can go about fixing it.

They believe in each and every person that picks up the phone and calls them. They know they have a big responsibility in helping people. It is not something they shy away from or something they shrink from, at the end of the day. It is something they embrace to the fullest. They live for it as a matter of fact. It is their job and they feel like it was what they were put on this earth to do as therapists.

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