How Richard Mishaan Design Creates Beauty In Rooms

Richard Mishaan founded his design company, Richard Mishaan Design, in February 1991. He is located in New York City and is very experienced as both an architect and interior designer. He has authored a few books that are meant to be coffee table books as they showcase some of his designs. His latest book, Artfully Modern, has as its premise that art makes everything in life better.

One of Richard Mishaan Design’s clients is Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn. She says that what she loves about this company is that Richard makes things not only more beautiful but also yours as it reflects the client’s tastes rather than his. She says that when you go into a room designed by you’ll think the room looks absolutely fantastic but there’s no hint that he designed it.

Architectural Digest puts out an annual list of the top design companies in the United States. Richard Mishaan Design has been named on this list several times which is a testament to the great design this company puts together. The Editor-In-Chief of this publication, Margaret Russell, has said that Richard combines smarts with creativity. She complimented him that she enjoys the passion he puts into his work and the joy he expresses in it.

At Richard Mishaan Design, one of the key elements is that he doesn’t hide treasures. He says that men, in particular, tend to hide away treasured heirlooms that they have picked up while traveling. Richard says this is a mistake because you can find a way to have these items work in a room, plus they’re great conversation starters.

Great taste and using a vision of what you want to accomplish lies at the heart of Richard Mishaan Design. He has a knack for finding a way to make unusual combinations work in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

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