Susan McGalla: A Strong Businesswoman Inspiration

Susan McGalla on PHX, a businesswoman from Pittsburgh, PA, is a role model and motivator for rising businesswomen across the country. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, which is consulting firm for those looking for help with several business related issues, such as branding, marketing, staffing, and operating efficiently. P3 is a consultant in the United States for some of the top financial professionals. When people need a perspective from someone who has worked in the finance sector of retail, P3 is where they are able to turn.

McGalla has given several talks on her role as a woman in today’s business world. She wants to encourage and motivate women to be successful in the working world. Most of the women who listen to McGalla’s talks are looking for a real perspective from someone who has experienced a professional career. With almost 30 years of experience, and a resume that includes the words “Chief Executive Officer,” there is no one with better real world experience than Susan McGalla.

McGalla grew up in a male dominated household in East Liverpool, Ohio. Her brothers and football coach father were encouraging of her to work hard and be confident. She was taught that her gender should have no bearing on her future as a professional. They raised her as a person, not just as a man or a woman. This brought McGalla to always be comfortable working around males and females equally and to not see being a female as a fault or a hindrance. She was raised as a strong person.

McGalla received a Bachelor’s Degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, and went on to work for Joseph Horne Company for 8 years. This eventually led her to work for American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. Susan McGalla was able to climb the ranks at this male-dominated company and inspire other women to strive for the same goal. Susan ultimately ended up being the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of American Eagle Outfitters. During this role, Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, noted that he was surprised to see such a young president of such a large company. He could not think of a time in recent years that he had seen that.

These initial roles led McGalla into P3. McGalla now has full autonomy over her career path and is able to work in a field where much of her passion lies. One of McGalla’s most notable clients is the Pittsburgh Steelers, for whom she is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. McGalla finds it important to not let gender affect career goals in any sense. She tried to motivate women to think this way and to inspire them for have great careers.

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