Stream Energy Puts on Annual “Women in Power” Event

In an office building in Dallas, Texas, hundreds of entrepreneurs and business associates gathered with energy and enthusiasm to learn how to be better leaders and empower themselves. The event, known as “Women in Power,” was put on by Stream Energy (HighTechChronicle). The energy company has a direct selling business model that offers a variety of energy and integrated life services.


Women in Power is all about helping women find their own unique voice and develop their dream businesses and careers. Various classes and workshops with different areas of focus are provided to the women who attend. The company’s representatives say they hope to provide women with real tools to help empower them and inspire other women around the world.


This year, the event theme was “Shine.” This is all about helping women find their own shine and confidence because confidence is such an integral part of the business and often women sell themselves short when it comes to expressing value and negotiating terms.


Classes on mindfulness, personal branding, being your own boss, selling, and motivation were all offered. The group, founded in 2010, has been growing rapidly thanks to the positive feedback of attendees. The associates are also connected with mentors that help them avoid common pitfalls and make big leaps forward in their business.


Famous female speakers and business figures provided their insights during the event. This includes Melissa Mark Garner (corporate wellness consultant), Karen Leland (business influencer), and Nicole Lapin (a best-selling author and news correspondent). Chelsey Berend, the Director of Events at Stream, expressed hope that these skills could help these women become Women of Power.


Stream Energy is a Dallas, TX-based

company that was founded in 2005. They offer innovative solutions to common life services, integrating them in a unique way. They offer protective, wireless, home, and energy services for their customers. The direct selling model allows them to remain flexible and pass cost savings on to their customers.


Because of their fresh approach, the company has grown rapidly in their twelve years of operation, achieving an impressive $8 billion in sales. Their services help people stay connected no matter where they are. Aside from just Texas, the company now offers services in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., New York, Maryland, and Georgia.

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