Squeeze Mayo

First world problems are a funny thing. There are such things that inconvenience Americans, that other people in the world wouldn’t even consider a problem. They would actually be quite happy to have some of the things that Americans enjoy.

Well, it seems that Americans have been complaining about their mayonnaise. It’s too hard for them to get too. Many people enjoy putting mayonnaise on their burgers and on their sandwiches. Dr. Jennifer Walden did that a lot in the past, although she eats healthier now. Unfortunately, it is too hard for them to get the mayonnaise out of the jar. They either have to inconvenience themselves by grabbing a knife. Other than that, when they get low on mayo it’s hard to scrape the sides. One company has come up with a solution.

Hellman’s mayonnaise is now offering squeezeable bottles. I mean why not. Ketchup and mustard are the two other most popular condiments and you very rarely see them in jars. That’s because it’s not practical. So now mayonnaise is joining the ranks! It will available now at grocery stores far and wide. Peoples restaurant eating experiences, picnics, and sandwich making are going to get a whole lot easier. Now, they can squeeze and go. Less mess will be made, and if people don’t have silverware they won’t have to worry.

According to¬†BuzzFeed, the condiment world is changing and Hellman’s mayonnaise is changing with it. It’s easy to come out, and Hellman’s is realizing that this is what people want.

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