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Sanjay Shah has been a successful business owner for many years, and has relayed his experiences as well as some of his advice through an informative pod cast that was recorded with host Eric Dye. He capitalized on some important subjects such as what it takes to start your own business as well as what kind of structures to look at. He also emphasizes the importance of getting help and to no go in with the attitude of doing it all yourself. Successful businesses take a lot of work, and at times, help is needed. Well, most times, help is needed. He is the successful owner of many businesses such as Solo Capital, and his most recent charity called Autism Rocks.

He founded Autism Rocks in 2014 after the recent diagnosis of his youngest son. At the time, a lot of information wasn’t necessarily available about the neurological condition. It’s a fairly new condition that researches are still trying to fully understand. Shah donates the funds that are raised through Autism Rocks to different programs and researchers, who are helping other understand the condition and allowing them to cope with it. Families, at times, have a hard time dealing with the symptoms and behaviors of autism. It can be better understood with the help of researches. Autism Rocks is a charity that is performance based. Famous musicians help raise money by performing concerts for the cause, and all money is sent to research and development.

Shah is also responsible for the success of Solo Capital, an investment firm that he started after quitting his job in the functional accounting industry. He had worked for the banking industry and investment business and decided that it just wasn’t for him anymore. He quit his job and hired a few people to help him get Solo Capital up and running. After many hours of hard work and dedication, he formed Solo Capital and it has surged into the million dollar market place, allowing Shah to retire and fully concentrate on Autism Rocks. Solo Capital operates in London and Dubai, and has over thirty nine working offices.


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