Slyce Introduces Your Virtual Assistant “Scout!”

Slyce the visual search recognition provider, and the owner of the coupon application SnipSnap has expanded the application to bring its clients a personal savings assistant. SnipSnap’s newest feature is called Scout, and Scout brings not only image recognition for shopping convenience, but a virtual human concierge to its users as well. A picture of the product that is scanned by a shopper sends the virtual assistant to scour the internet looking for the best possible deal. The entire process from start to finish takes about a minute.

The new feature called Scout has a low fail rate, and succeeds in his searches over 95 percent of the time. The application scours hundreds of thousands of shopping sites to search out the best prices for its users. Scout also takes note of price matching policies and rebates to bring you the best possible bargain, and if you don’t have a picture of the product you are looking for, Scout will accept keywords to go out and find your item.

The AI virtual human hybrid is produced by a 50 man team in Nova Scotia, and their goal is to improve the focus of Scout’s behind the scenes searches. What is different about this latest innovation is that Slyce’s algorithms are based on human input rather than developing the computer produced problem solving devices. There is some competition from Facebook, but Slyce’s technology far surpasses any other available shopping application.

SnipSnap’s Philadelphia based development team promises Scout before this Black Friday sales. Imagine doing Black Friday from your phone. Scout and SnipSnap are available to over five million users, and its adding thousands of users every week. Its profits come from the retail side of the image recognition products. Major retailers are jumping on board Slyce’s technology, and Nordstom, Neiman Marcus and Macys are already using it.

Slyce developed its shopping applications through the marriage of AI and existing product recognition software to produce, SnipSnap, Scout, Pounce and Craves. The applications work on all platforms including iOS and Android, and all the user has to do is snap a picture and send off Scout to save their hard-earned cash. Read the full story on Slyce’s new application at the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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