Sleep Apnea Dental Knowledge And Education

Sleep Apnea is one of the most dangerous issues that people refuse to believe is an issue. Sleep apnea is an issue when the tongue falls back into the throat and obstructs your airway enough to cause death. People are beginning to look at sleep disorders for what they are. the tongue falling over the back of the throat can cause someone to snore but also cause them to stop breathing while sleeping. Most people in sleep studies stop breathing over 100 times in 8 hours. This is dangerous because it decreases your oxygen in your blood stream. with oxygen decrease, there is going to be damage to major and minor organs.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a leading expert in treating sleep apnea and teeth grinding is here to tell everyone about dental guards and appliances that will help keep people from snoring or stopping breathing. Weisfogel began his career and education studying Psychology. He completed this education and continued on to New York University where he earned his Dental Surgeon status. Many times he treated individuals in his office that have issues with teeth alignment.

Now, after many years treating others, Weisfogel is teaching his techniques to other specialists. He is showing how each month the dental specialists or surgeons are treating over 50 people. Treating and curing these sleep issues can be as simple as using a guard that holds the tongue. Not everyone with sleep apnea is suffering because of COPD.

After many years explaining the details behind dental appliances, Dr. Weisfogel is making breakthroughs with speaking engagements such as the one in Las Vegas. The more people that get the information the better. People are standing in line to book a spot for one of these breakthrough lectures. Information more than half the battle and is leading others to reduce the amount of surgeries and evasive treatments.

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