Safety and Realism are the Keys to the Approach of Dr. Rod Rohrich

A group of medical researchers, including UT Southwestern Medical Centers Dr. Rod Rohrich have combined their efforts to create a report on the effects of blindness being caused by the injection of facial fillers as a cosmetic procedure. Rohrich has long been an advocate for the use of greater levels of safety to be used in the field of plastic surgery as the effects of ill prepared techniques should be gathered and reported to help the industry evolve. Facial fillers are commonly used and form a major part of the many research papers Rohrich has produced into the ways the body ages and how to keep patients as safe and happy as possible as procedures are completed.

Dr. Rohrich has used his position as one of the leading lights of cosmetic and plastic surgery in the world to call for major changes to made to this still evolving area of the medical world. Rohrich is a regular speaker at seminars and meetings around the world, as well as being an active surgeon and teaching professor at UT Southwestern.

The research into facial fillers is just the latest example of the work Dr. Rohrich completes into the areas of safety and in his aims to make sure the plastic surgery industry remains at the forefront of medical advances. The study itself showed that the chances of blindness occurring when an individual is injected with a facial filler is very slim, but that more occasions have occurred than have been reported. The work done into how the skin and body age completed by Rohrich should be used as the basis of understanding how the use of plastic surgery techniques can be used in unique ways to maintain the safety and good health of the individual.

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