Proper Dog Nutrition with Beneful

The way one requires essential nutrients for the body is the same way your dog needs proper nutrition for proper body function. We understand doggy nutrition needs. Our products are well researched and made using the latest technology to suit every dog.

If you are a puppy owner, it is always best to adopt the young one after it has obtained adequate milk from its mother. If it is impossible, a substitute commercial feeds with equal nutrients should be considered. We make puppy feeds that are aggregated with vital minerals to ensure proper growth of your puppy.

Adult dogs
At this stage of your dog’s life cycle, proper nutrition is very important. It is important for your dog to take the recommended quantity. The food should not be too little so that it will not be malnourished. Too much food is also unhealthy for your dog. Beneful dog food on facebook for adult dogs has been incorporated with all the necessary nutrients that will maintain your dog’s health by becoming active, happy and playful.

Aged dogs
We understand that once your dog starts aging, special care and nutrition is required. When a dog gets well past its maturity age one should follow the correct nutrition procedures to ensure that all body parts are in great shape. Our products are highly suited for such dogs that are advanced in age. Baneful dog food provides the right amount of nutrients that will improve your dog’s health by giving it more proteins to increase strength and fast healing of wounds.

Sporty dogs
At Beneful, we understand that a lap dog and an exercising dog have different energy requirements that require a dog to maintain a proper diet. Our team of experts has created the right combination for sporty dogs. They can stay fit while retaining a healthy body.

Overweight dogs
Large amounts of food are unhealthy and mostly lead to obesity. If you have an obese dog then, the first step to solving the problem is by decreasing the food quantity. We have the best dog food products specially made for overweight dogs to reduce body fat while still providing the body with necessary nutrients.

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