Image Recognition: Changing the way we do things

Image recognition, also known as computer vision, is the process of identifying and detecting objects or features in a digital image or video. It is the process that a computer uses to see an image, take it in, and understand it. Image recognition technology, such as facial, optical character, and pattern recognition, has made a huge impact on the way that we interact with our computers, smartphones, video games, and other technology. Image recognition has changed the way that we do many things, from shop to play.
As its name implies, facial recognition technology is used to detect faces. Through the identification of 80 different points on the human face, this technology can tell one face from another. In the past, facial recognition was mainly used for security purposes. In recent years, it has become a part of every day life. Apps allow people to tag friends in photos using facial recognition technology. It is also used with video gaming systems, allowing them to tell players apart. It can even be used to create video game characters that look just like the player. Optical character recognition, or OCR, is used to detect and read printed text. This technology converts images of text into machine-coded text. Optical character recognition is mainly used as a form of data entry for things like bank statements, checks, mail, business cards, and passport documents. It is also used to help the blind and visually impaired, converting text to speech. Pattern recognition technology can detect any pattern at all in data. It classifies the data or objects based on prior knowledge or statistical information.
Companies like Slyce, the leading visual search provider, use this image recognition technology to connect retailers and brands with their customers at any time. Slyce gives shoppers the ability to find the things they want by simply snapping a picture with their smartphones. They offer retailers and brands customizable services that will meet all of their visual search needs. Slyce has greatly impacted the way that customers shop with services like visual product search mobile snap-to- buy, tag and display, v-commerce, and physical advertising recognition digital convergence.
Image recognition technology has greatly impacted many of the things that we do from day to day, and it has done so to our advantage. The use of this technology has made many things easier to accomplish from interacting with friends online to shopping. It has taken our ability to search for information, people, products, and more to a whole new level.

Scientists Claim They Developed a Blood Test Capable of Detecting Every Virus That Has Ever Infected You

Once a virus enters your system, it stays there for life. A virus can cause anything from the common cold to HIV/AIDS, and many of these viruses lay completely dormant for years and go undetected by your doctor, until now. Researchers have developed a blood test that can reveal every virus that has ever infected you. This new medical invention could help to diagnose illness while also helping scientists to develop more vaccines that can prevent them from attacking your immune system.

The blood test, developed by researchers at Harvard Medical Center, tests the blood one pathogen at a time until it finds every virus that has entered your body, even if it has gone previously unnoticed for decades. Sam Tabar ( has learned that the study was led by Stephen Elledge, a biologist who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who first compiled a list of nearly one hundred thousand synthetic protein fragments that were representative of a section of a virus. Then, proteins are added to the blood and antibodies attach to those fragments of virus which allows researchers to see which virus has infected the blood.

The new and innovative test has been tested on more than 500 people in the United States, South Africa, Thailand, and Peru, the results showed an average of about 10 viruses per person. However, some claim the test has not confirmed that it can detect 100 percent of viruses, a criticism that can be resolved with more extensive research.

Two Convicted Felons Escape From New York Prison

Two convicted felons have escaped from a New York prison and prison officials as well as New York law enforcement officials are shocked at how easy the two were able to escape without being noticed by prison officials until they were gone. Richard Matt and David Sweat were both serving life sentences and are still considered to be extremely dangerous criminals. Richard Matt was serving 25 years to life for killing a business man after beating him and then snapping his neck. He fled to Mexico where he was held by Mexican authorities for killing an American outside of a bar there. David Sweat was serving life as well for killing a sheriff’s deputy. Two Killers Escape From New York PrisonDuring the course of an home invasion robbery, Sweat shot the law enforcement officer fifteen times after being confronted by the officer who was responding to the scene. Authorities believe that the men had help from either contractors or prison officials from the inside and it appears that their escape was aided by the use of construction tools enabling then to drill and cut through various prison security measures. Daniel Amen noted that the men have not been seen yet and it is unclear how they became to know each other during their time in prison. They are considered armed and extremely dangerous and should not be approached by any individuals. New York officials have put the state wide law enforcement system on alert and Canadian officials have been notified as well since the prison is across the Canadian border.

True Help For Arthritis Sufferers

Rheumatoid arthritis is debilitating autoimmune disease that many stuff people suffer with as they get older. Up until now there has only been immunotherapy that individuals can that happen to know this only because physical therapy for individuals who get rheumatoid arthritis can use to help slow down the process. Rheumatoid arthritis attacks the immune system and it usually attacks the healthy tissues that are in the joints. When these joints are attacked it can cause them to be deformed, and inflamed. Quite often people might see the deformed knuckles and toes of older individuals and think that is just a sign of old age. In reality the deformities that rheumatoid arthritis cause do not have to do so much with old age but rather with the disease.

Now there is a possible vaccine that has been tested that could possibly help prevent rheumatoid arthritis and those individuals that are already affected reports CipherCloud. There are some people that are more at risk to carry the rheumatoid arthritis gene. Those individuals may be able to get a vaccine that can prevent the disease by fighting off the infection that brings the disease on. With this treatment a person’s immune system can fight off the antibodies that will cause the inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. Even though this vaccine is still in the making, it could be a miracle for many of those people that are more prone to suffer from this debilitating disease.

Igor Cornelsen’s Free Advice on Investing

What Igor Cornelsen has managed to do that other investors have failed to do is provide free advice. He has become one of those retired bankers that has a wealth of advice to give people that simply cannot afford to pay for any type of financial planners. This certainly has been the case for me, and I do not feel like I have missed anything by using his advice. In fact, I believe that I have been able to gain more from his advice than anything that I could get from a paid financial planner.

It has been said that the best financial investors are the older ones that have been in the business for a while. Igor Cornelsen has been in banking long enough to retire from it. He has been someone that knows the market because he has seen it rise and fall over and over again. This type of knowledge has prepared him to give advice to people like myself that do not have the ability to afford premium financial planning services.Igor Cornelsen has this strategy of buying low and selling high for damaged stocks. He has told me to avoid damaged companies but look at what damaged stocks can do. These stocks, once the company finds a way to rebuild, can be become quite valuable. I had never heard of the concept of damaged stocks. Even when I was made aware of this by Cornelsen I still wasn’t sure that there was a true difference between damaged stocks and damaged companies. It was during this time of uncertainty that I would dig deeper into the knowledge base that Igor Cornelsen had provided.

What I discovered was that he was referencing the future of a company when he talked about damaged stocks or damaged companies. This is how I learned that there are some companies that have damaged stocks, but the company is not necessarily bad. The organization may have had some type of bad recall or a bad product. This could cause a drop in sales, but it is not the end for this organization. A damaged company, however, is one that cannot compete successfully with the competition. This organization, by contrast, may have a product that is being phased out. This may be the core product that the company is known for. Igor Cornelsen’s advice gave me the ability to differentiate between the two.

Public Servant Attorney Dan Newlin

At the age of 20, Attorney Dan Newlin began his career in law enforcement going to work for the New Chicago Police Department. Dan Newlin then worked his way up to Sheriff’s Detective for Orange County Florida, Orlando. For a decade he ran the gamut of law enforcement, working everything from narcotics enforcement to auto theft detail. During his law enforcement service he apprehended hundreds of dangerous fugitives while working in the fugitive division. All while receiving honors and awards for going above and beyond the call of duty.

In 1997, after being celebrated for stellar service, Dan Newlin began attending law school at Florida State College of Law, graduating in 2000. Now Attorney Dan Newlin is proud to be licensed and practicing in Illinois and Florida. From the humble beginnings of a single attorney office Dan Newlin has defended thousands of personal injured clients. He has grown his business to holding two offices, in two states, and 75 employees.

Dan Newlin’s boutique style personalized law offices sport 18 highly experienced attorneys, from ex prosecutors to board certified 30 year trial lawyers. The Law Office of Dan Newlin spends its time protecting those that are injured, be it on the job or in an accident Dan Newlin ensures that the rights of his clients are observed, and has recovered more than $150 million for his clients according to his Twitter page.

Attorney Dan Newlin is highly involved with his communities, creating the Miracle Project. A project that brings smiles to the faces of children fighting cancer. In 2012 Dan put together a meet and greet for the kids with the former worlds undisputed champion Evander Holyfield. “For the kids to be able to see and interact with one of the greatest Heavyweights – Evander – who has had more setbacks and more comebacks than any other boxer, and for them to understand that in the context of their own difficulties which they now face, I thought would be really cool,” said Dan.

The future of travel is upon us!

The days of wishing you could just get in your car and fall asleep, wishing you could wake up in Florida may be closer than we think. Virginia has become another test state for automated (driver-less) cars for companies like Google. Virginia has allocated 70 miles of highway in the northern part of the state and labelled it “automated corridors”. In order to proceed with driver-less testing on the real highway. The cars must first pass a standard test to prove that the company’s technology is implemented and up to date. Besides Google and Nokia, it is unclear to Alexei Beltyukov as to how many teams will want to test this new technology. The cars in order to participate must have license plates and full insurance coverage (which will be provided). Seeing that Old dominion is such an industrious area, the people of Virginia could really benefit form driver-less travel. Overall the project looks very exciting and the company hosting it says that they expect the first actual road tests to start within a years’ time. Which means that within five years you may be able to take that dream vacation you want, and not have to worry about the stress of driving all the way there. Keep your eyes and ears open for new updates on this amazing technology that is close enough we can taste it.

Lack of Sleep May Cause a Vicious Cycle Ending in Alzheimer’s Disease

Bruce Levenson said researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have a new theory regarding the link between lack of sleep and the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It is believed that a lack of sleep leads to a buildup of beta-amyloid proteins, known to cause dementia and other neurological disorders.

A steady buildup of beta-amyloid proteins is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s. They clog the brain and render it unable to function. When humans enter the deepest levels of sleep the brain is able to flush out these toxic proteins and engages in the function of deeply impressing memories.

The vicious cycle begins when sleep stops. Beta-amyloids buildup and in turn make it more difficult to reach the deepest levels of sleep. Then the further lack of sleep leads to even more buildup of toxic proteins.

Fortunately, it is possible to improve sleep and decrease your chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Regular exercise and behavioral therapy are possible solutions for restless nights. Electrical stimulation has also been shown to improve sleep and memory in independent studies.

A new study will be conducted on humans to determine the link between the lack of sleep and dementia. Getting a good night’s sleep may be all we really need to fight off one of the biggest afflictions of an aging generation.

So-Called “Blue Zones” Might Give Us the Answer to Obtaining Longevity

Everybody wants to live longer and we are often told by mainstream science that it is all about eating a healthy and well balanced diet. However, recent research has revealed living to 100 years old isn’t all about what you eat, but is also dependent things such as keeping your body in motion and maintaining healthy relationships with friends and loved ones.

There are five regions throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States where people are much more likely to make it the 100 year mark, they are referred to as the Blue Zones. Naturally, researchers wanted to explain this phenomenon and they quickly started to discover differences in lifestyle within these five regions.

People who live in the Blue Zones tend to have social connections with other people which reinforce a healthy lifestyle and are also deeply family oriented. Boraie Development LLC indicates that centenarians are often religious people who attend religiously based community events on a regular basis.

A recently published book titled “The Blue Zones Solution” focuses on teaching regular Americans how to live more like those who are from the Blue Zones. Food is a major part of the equation of course and the book explains that those who live in blue Zones are much less likely to have a diet filled with processed foods, high in fat and sugars. So if your goal is to make it to 100, eat fresh foods that are harvested from the earth and stay active in your community.

Type Two Diabetes Slowly on the Decline

Many people know that type two diabetes is often associated with a poor diet and exercise routine. While type two diabetes has slowly been on the rise for many years, it is now showing that it is on the decline for people all over the country. There could be many reasons for this, and the benefits of having this disease on the decline is definitely great for those who might have been at risk for it or those who have the issue running through their family. One of the main reasons type two diabetes is slowly on the decline is because people are beginning to learn about how to make healthier food choices and exercise habits.

We are slowly but surely coming out of an age where all people did was run to fast food restaurants and getting whatever they wanted. Now, if you go into a restaurant or fast food chain, you will notice that a lot of healthier and low-calorie options are being offered. This is ideal for people who are trying to watch their weight and avoid type two diabetes altogether. Another reason, Sergio Cortes claims, is that this disease may be on the decline is because exercise is becoming more readily available to people. Because you can find just about any exercise routine on the Internet as a free download or video, people are more likely to find workouts they enjoy and will do regularly.