Denver Organization Throws Parties For Homeless Kids

Adam Sender said that Denver has a startling number of 3,000 homeless children. For these children every day is a struggle for survival. They do not get the luxury of wishing for toys or video games on their birthdays. Instead, they hope to get to much as a warm meal for dinner. A Denver non-profit organization called Colfax Community Network set out to change this.

The organization, led by Rise Justice, throws birthday parties for the homeless kids at the center. Homeless kids usually spend their days there anyways before heading to various motels where they have to live. To make their birthdays special Justice surprises the kids with cake and small gifts and everyone at the center agrees that the looks on the children’s faces when they arrive to their parties are priceless.


New Waves in Ireland

The country of Ireland has long been under the hand of the Catholic Church. In recent years scandals live in the Catholic Church have loosening the grip that priests in the High Council have had on its citizens. Lately a new wave of acceptance has hit the shores of Ireland and citizens are rooting for same-sex marriage to be legalized within the country. Studies show, that a large amount of the citizens of Ireland or for same sex marriage. The government council members and other citizens in executive positions are also rooting for same sex marriage approval. However, there has been some opposition among some of the more developed Catholic citizens. The Irish government is doing their best to keep legislative decisions for the population in the hands of the citizens. That’s why in the next few months the country as a whole will vote on whether or not same sex couples can marry. Some of the citizens opposed to this legislation or campaigning for the dismissal of the bill. A group of mothers and fathers pass out posters on the regular basis depicting an image of a child was today parents. The slogan on the poster suggest that same-sex marriage would rob a child of having a mother and a father. Those who are voting for the bill were not surprised by the opposition. They are campaigning just as hard with rainbow flags flying in the breeze and just say yes posters being passed out around the cities. Alexei Beltyukov ( understands that the new wave of acceptance if the bill is passed will prove how progressive Ireland has come as a country. In the next few months, the citizens will vote for what they believe in. after the voting is over, Ireland is sure to never be the same.

Why wait for a tragedy?

“Following the deadly crash in Philadelphia, the Federal Railroad Administration on Saturday ordered Amtrak to implement several procedures to improve safety on the railway’s northeast corridor, officials announced” this headline found in Buzzfeed reports good news, now Amtrak has to improve on its safety.

But, why did it take the killing of 8 passengers, 200 injured, which at least 8 of them were critical injuries, to enact better safety procedures? Why was the train engineer doing 106 miles per hour? Why can’t he remember anything? One has to wonder if his sudden memory loss is a convenient escape from persecution.

The true travesty is Amtrak should not have waited for this fatal accident to “improve safety:”  One of the procedures the US transportation Secretary talked about is “automatic train control” where the train will stop if its goes over the speed limit. Amen Clinic feels whatever type of safety procedures they adopt in the future, I hope it will not take another accident where people get hurt or killed, for them to accelerate the process.

The Rising Of Professor Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch was born in the year 1959. He is a well-known American college administrator, a former professor and an author. Jonathan is the president of Occidental College located in Los Angeles. Mr. Veitch became president in July 2009, succeeding Mr. Robert Skotheim. Professor Jonathan was a professor previously at the University of Wisconsin and prior to that he was the dean of studies at the new Eugene Lang College. He also authored American Super realism: the Politics of representation in 1940 and Nathanael West.

The Early Life of Mr. Jonathan Veitch
Mr. Veitch was born in Los Angeles, in the state of California. His father was called Mr. John Veitch. He was the president of the Columbia Pictures’ productions. Professor Veitch went to Loyola High School in south California before attaining his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in American Literature and English.

In the year 1993, Jonathan Veitch became an associate professor of English. As a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, he published his first book, an American Super realism: the Politics of representation and Nathanael West. Mr. Veitch relocated to New York and became an associate professor teaching courses in cultural history, American film and American history. Later on, Mr. Veitch became Dean of Eugene Lang College in the year 1994, where he taught for four years which led to him becoming the president of Occidental College in the year 2009.

Mr. Veitch Occidental College
Veitch was the first native Angeleno president from Los Angeles of Occidental College. Jonathan Veitch did his best to improve the relationship between the surrounding community and the College thus limiting the expansion of the campus due to the concerns of the surrounding neighborhood.

Mr Jonathan first anniversary was marked by hosting a public forum for Los Angeles activists together with local officials to discuss the city’s futures environment. Professor Veitch was the first person to name the new Occidental’s football stadium in the year 2011.
The school in its 125th anniversary, Mr. Veitch announced that the school had received a recipient of $5 million as donation to refurbish the Johnson Hall which was one of the 3 founder buildings in the campus. Mr Veitch also went on to unravel a new discovery of a 1 megawatt solar array on the campus which was to generate a portion of the campus’s energy supply.

Professor Veitch Personal life
Sarah Ann Baxter Kersh, a former director for Calvin Klein got married to Professor Veitch in December 1992.

Bulletproof Coffee founder hopes to boost energy levels at breakfast

The founder of the Bulletproof Coffee brand is hoping to bring his customers an energy boosting drink that is calorie filled, but free from the toxins he believes cause the highs and lows involved in coffee drinking. Dave Asprey has created a beverage based on a form of tea he first sampled on a trip to Tibet in place of his regular cup of morning coffee, Asprey has reported he no longer felt the effects of altitude sickness or the fog he had reported to doctors for a number of years. The former Silicon Valley executive is now in the coffee business full time and has opened his first coffee shops in California in a bid to bring his own brand of butter infused coffee.

Asprey does not only want to create a coffee business, but wants to add a healthy energy boost to the days of every Bulletproof Coffee drinker who he hopes will replace their breakfast with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. The toxins that are often found in coffee beans have been removed because Asprey and his team of experts believe these lead to the feeling of crashing soon after a cup of coffee is drunk. The founder of the brand himself spent a large number of years avoiding coffee when he felt the foggy brain he encountered was caused by the caffeine within.

In Tibet, Asprey discovered the sweetening of tea with sugar and now recommends the use of grass fed butter to sweeten his own Bulletproof Coffee brand. The use of butter in coffee and tea is growing in popularity as people look for a more natural way of sweetening drinks than that provided by processed sugars and milk.

North American Spine: AccuraScope Procedure

North American Spine helped the Robert E. Lee Elementary School by helping pre-k students have a Yoga Recess Day. North American Spine donated yoga mats and lessons to the students. It teaches children how to overcome mental and physical disabilities. This is because physical activity helps to stimulate the brain. The children were really excited and got to learn all kinds of new yoga poses. Yoga is exceptional for children who are having a hard time with muscle development and most children catch on very quickly.

North American Spine is well-known for their minimal invasive surgery that can relief neck and spine injuries. The AccuraScope is a procedure that can help treat bulging disks, arthritis, and other conditions. The AccuraScope was made to help alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves. It allows for lower risks of complications along with shorter recovery times. The procedure is conducted with a scope that allows movement up and down the back allowing the doctor to pinpoint the exact location the pain is coming from.

North American Spine has also been considered a finalist in the Greater Dallas Business Ethic Award. This award is for businesses that put only the best forward and offer exceptional service that excels way beyond others. There were considered because of the exceptional services and outstanding work ethics. North American Spine has been providing outstanding service and treatment for over six years. Over eight thousand people have benefited from the AccuraScope procedures. Most patients have had over an eighty percent success rate and more than ninety percent of the patients would refer North American Spine to their friends or family.

Cosmetic Safety Study by Dr. Rod Rohrich

A recent cosmetic surgery safety study was completed by Dr. Rod Rohrich that supports a standard protocol for each type of hypertension management during facelift surgery procedures. An archival review of the doctor’s Dallas facelift cosmetic surgeries supports a focus on blood pressure management as an important prevention for possible post operative hematomas. An effective protocol and preventive algorithm has been developed by Dr. Rohrich to use in order to avoid hypertension events.

A publication in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal highlighted a medical study using Dr. Rohrich’s archival data that included 1,000 patients who had undergone facelifts. Any reported post-facelift hematomas were noted. Hematomas are common complications that occur during and after a facelift operative procedure. An algorithm was presented in the medical report for plastic surgeons to use in order to reduce or prevent postoperative complications including hematomas.

The study outlined the characteristics of a hematoma including pooling of blood or a blood clot that may occur during this type of medical procedure. Postoperative problems can occur about the skin surface. Skin sloughing and edema are two common problems according to current medical literature. The protocol or surgery process that is presented by Dr. Rohrich tends to reduce these postoperative complications significantly. Effective blood pressure control helps to effectively reduce the possibility of a hematoma during facelift surgery. The protocol regimen or algorithm uses unique preoperative health screening and, also, carefully follows each patient’s reaction to surgery during and after a facelift. General anesthesia is used along with preventive and other hypertension medications as needed in order to control blood pressure.

This article was originally reported on WDRB41 Louisville News.

Lack of Sleep Can Be Disastrous

Lack of sleep can make you feel tired and crummy the following day but it can also lead to very dangerous poor decision making. A number of historical disasters have been attributed to lack of sleep on the part of those involved.

Lack of sleep is said to be the reason why operators couldn’t stop the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown. It is also speculated that Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson’s lack of sleep, made him give confused commands during the June 1862 battles.

According to a research published in the journal Sleep, sleep deprivation will lead to lack of the ability to think fast, absorb new information and to adjust one’s behavior. 26 volunteers participated in the research.

Half the group slept normally while the other half was deprived of sleep for two days according to Ivan Ong. Their decision making ability was then tested using a series of tests, over the course of the week.

The group that had slept better performed better in the first test. In the second test, none of the people in the group that hadn’t slept for two days got any answers right, even after repeating it for 40 times. Their ability to adjust to changes had been destroyed by lack of sleep.

Safety and Realism are the Keys to the Approach of Dr. Rod Rohrich

A group of medical researchers, including UT Southwestern Medical Centers Dr. Rod Rohrich have combined their efforts to create a report on the effects of blindness being caused by the injection of facial fillers as a cosmetic procedure. Rohrich has long been an advocate for the use of greater levels of safety to be used in the field of plastic surgery as the effects of ill prepared techniques should be gathered and reported to help the industry evolve. Facial fillers are commonly used and form a major part of the many research papers Rohrich has produced into the ways the body ages and how to keep patients as safe and happy as possible as procedures are completed.

Dr. Rohrich has used his position as one of the leading lights of cosmetic and plastic surgery in the world to call for major changes to made to this still evolving area of the medical world. Rohrich is a regular speaker at seminars and meetings around the world, as well as being an active surgeon and teaching professor at UT Southwestern.

The research into facial fillers is just the latest example of the work Dr. Rohrich completes into the areas of safety and in his aims to make sure the plastic surgery industry remains at the forefront of medical advances. The study itself showed that the chances of blindness occurring when an individual is injected with a facial filler is very slim, but that more occasions have occurred than have been reported. The work done into how the skin and body age completed by Rohrich should be used as the basis of understanding how the use of plastic surgery techniques can be used in unique ways to maintain the safety and good health of the individual.

Is Maple Syrup A Miracle Cure?

There is a new study out that is suggesting that maple syrup might actually hold a number of cures in its antibacterial qualities. Whether you are talking about repairing cellular damage or enhancing overall liver function, this sugary treat might actually hold the key to optimal health. Able to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria, maple syrup might be more than just a tasty pancake topping and you might find this sticky substance popping up in a variety of products in the near future.

When concentrated, maple syrup might actually be more effective than common antibiotics which would be beneficial to reducing the need for antibiotic prescriptions. A study by researcher Brian Torchin, conducted at McGill University, which used maple syrup to study its effects on E. coli and the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections. The syrup fought off the bacteria and also destroyed biofilms. This study shows promise as maple syrup might hold the cure for frequent antibiotic use. You may not see the effects from the small amount you put on top of your pancakes a few times each week but if taken in more concentrated forms, inside of a capsule or pill, the results will be astounding.