The New Hotel From Chris Burch Is Making Headlines

The Success Of Nihiwatu

Fashion entrepreneur Chris Burch has announced the opening of a new hotel in Indonesia. His hotel offers people a taste of everything that makes Indonesia special. People can enjoy the cuisine and setting that makes Indonesia so special for themselves. There isn’t anything like this to be found in the rest of the world. People around the world are praising Chris Burch for the excellent design choices he made and his ability to know what people want. That talent has carried him far and allowed Burch to reach an absurd amount of wealth. It is this sort of talent that leads many people to become billionaires and lead in the industries they choose to dominate.  More reading on

A Lifetime Of Success

Chris Burch has displayed talent for leadership and business from an early age. He was already running his own fashion apparel business while still young thanks to the ingenuity he learned in college. His passion for fashion eventually expanded and allowed him to pure investments into the fashion industry that would allow him to create a billion dollar fortune and expand into other areas of commerce. Chris Burch has used this wealth to make himself one of the most successful investors in general and to build an entirely new way of thinking about wealth and prosperity in America.

The Fashion Guru Strikes Again

The move into hotels that Chris Burch is making is just one example of how he is always looking for the latest and greatest advantage in commerce. It’s pretty obvious to almost everyone that succeeding in business isn’t as easy as it sounds. In order for Chris Burch to continue to expand into entirely new areas of commerce he has had to rethink his plan every step of the way. There is so much for the world to see from him and he wants to do everything he can to expand industries whenever possible. This is just the beginning.  Interesting news to read on

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an investor who has made a fortune in the fashion,film, and finance industries. He has used his knack for finding the best investments to make in order to give himself a tactical edge over others who wish to invest. His sound investments have enabled him to create a billion dollar fortune and become one of the most respected advisors out there.  Check on for related article.

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The Successful Carrer Of José Auriemo Neto And His Excellent Work With JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian executive and is the chief executive officer and chairman of JHSF Participacoes SA. The real estate company focuses on developing both residential and commercial properties in Brazil.

Mr. Auriemo Neto oversees the interests of their brands in public developments, hotels and office buildings. He is additionally responsible for the administration of the group’s retail and extensive shopping portfolio which includes the rather prominent shopping complex in Säo Paulo known as the Cidade Jardim, the Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus and the Metrô Tucuruv which is the Bela Vista in Salvador. The company also has another two developments under construction in the district of Sao Paulo. These centers recognize how much the economic market in Brazil is growing.

Mr. Auriemo Neto was responsible for overseeing the group’s first real estate venture in 2009. The company signed exclusive partnership agreements with Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes and opened the first retail outlets who sold these luxury brands. The brands were available in the Cidade Jardim shopping center owned by JHSF. In 2012 JHSF went into partnership with Valentino and this triggered the first stores carrying Valentino and R.E.D. anywhere in Brazil.

Mr. Aureimo Neto is an alumnus at the University in Sao Paulo called the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado also referred to as FAAP. He went to work for JHSF in 1993 and by 1997 he had become an invaluable executive and founded the group services for the company. He created Parkbem which was a parking lot management company. After the department had become successful Mr. Aureimo Neto was successful in securing the rights for the development of the first shopping destination of the group. This occurred in 1998. The center was named the Shopping Santa Cruz and with his input became a successful development.

Hitting the Road with Doug Levitt

When Doug started traveling across the nation ten plus years ago, it wasn’t his passion yet. Doug Levitt started traveling by bus to encourage undecided voters to cast a ballot in the then current election. After Doug was done working for the political party,he realized that he loved traveling the country, meeting new people, and hearing their stories.

Mr. Doug Levitt was already accustomed to tight quarters and telling stories. His former job involved working for the major news stations as a foreign correspondent. So Doug decided to keep riding busses, listening to the struggles and joys of working America. Along the way Mr. Levitt started taking pictures, writing songs and stories.

Those stories, songs, and pictures were entitled The Greyhound Diaries. A book and E.P. chronicling Doug’s experiences aboard the busses. Doug tours the country, playing shows about the Greyhound Diaries and he is not going to stop anytime soon. Mr. Levitt has ridden 120,000 miles over ten years aboard the bus system and he explains that it has-been a very healing process to swap stories with strangers about his past. Doug’s father committed suicide when Doug was just sixteen years old and it left some deep mental scarring.

Mr. Levitt feels that riding on the bus line has kept his finger on the state of current affairs. Doug predicted a Trump win many months before it actually happened. He likens this project to the WPA initiative from the 1930’S where the government would send people into the country to get a feel for the welfare of the American public.

To read more about Mr. Levitt’s current Adventures or to listen to his music, here is the link to his website.

How is End Citizens United Doing It? Let’s Take a Look

American citizens have for a long time controlled the political climate in their nation. Since they won their rights and freedoms, the responsibility of electing national leaders has for many years relied on them. However, in 2010 a motion was passed to allow rich people to get involved in politics. It was a move done in good faith so that people with wealth can be able to support their preferred candidates. However, the outcomes have proven to be discouraging since six years after its enactment, many individuals have made use of such an opportunity to accelerate their devious agendas. They have utilized their money to control decisions of politicians who they helped bring to power. In so doing, their actions have directed government funding to projects that they have high stakes in, thus paralyzing development exercises that might benefit the entire nation.


Taking note of the above, angry citizens have made it their agenda to fight back. Their struggle is not physical, but of a rational manner. One major strategy that End Citizens United uses is to recruit wealthy politicians who they believe to have the best interests of the nation at heart. The PAC rallies its support behind such individuals, and the politicians present the agenda of End Citizens United to the legislative arm of government for further deliberations. On its part, the above move proves to be smart since it can cause a reversal of the 2010 ruling to favor American citizens. Since the PAC has many volunteer members, it has also attracted the attention of high-ranking professionals including lawyers. To this end, the organization has made use of these advocates as resources to help it fight court battles regarding the 2010 legislation. Because there is power in numbers, it is only a matter of time before End Citizens United overruns the selfish billionaires.


Besides, End Citizens United has come to a decision to fight billionaires with the only tool they have, money. Through donations from members and advertisements, the PAC has been able to raise millions of dollars. In the previously concluded general elections, the organization was able to raise more than two million dollars, money it utilized to campaign for its selected Democrats. End Citizens United has already received four million dollars in the first three months of this year. The PAC plans on raising more than thirty-five million dollars by the end of the year so that the money can be made use of to finance Congress elections. Since End Citizens United has high morals and values, it no longer accepts handouts from anyone unless you are a member. Thus, the ever-increasing donation numbers prove that the PAC has already won the hearts of many citizens, nationals that feel that their country is in the wrong hands.


The Success of OSI under David McDonald

David McDonald is the president and the chief operating officer at the OSI group. He is also the director of the OSI international food.David graduated from Lowa State University with a degree in animal science. David has also served in various businesses in his career including MarFrig Global Foods S.A Taking the responsibilities of an independent director from 2008. He has also worked in Europe and Brazil under the OSI Group. OSI deals with processing meat and providing their services to food industries. The Company started in 1999, and in 2015 it witnessed an increase in revenue of approximately $6.1 billion. The OSI has operated in more than 17 countries and had headquarters in Aurora Illinois.

OSI group has been focusing on Europe market and was able to acquire Baho food. The Baho food is a Dutch processing company providing protein rich foods and snacks like OSI. According to David McDonald, Baho’s menu complements OSI menu, and that makes it easy in the provision of services. The OSI will have to diversify their opportunities to reach the demands of their customers. The acquisition of the Baho food will also strengthen their market deals in the Europe Market. The OSI is also in partnership with the China and resume him.

OSI group has been a collaboration with the China for more than 20 years and has still more hope of expanding their businesses. The OSI group has built ten facilities emerging as the largest poultry supplies serving even international clients. The growing customer market in China provides attractive destination which will sustain the company’s growth. The Company ensures that they involve a local management to provide a local solution as they understand the cultures and tastes of the people. During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, OSI was in charge of supplying beef, chicken, and pork and dehydrated onions an operation which turned successful. McDonald was happy during the operation as they didn’t have any complaints arising from their services. The experience granted them more chance to supply brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s and others. The partnership with Dayoo Company will make the OSI grow becoming the largest in poultry operations and what David knows.


Paul Mampilly’s Investment Newsletter Service Achieves the Feet of 60,000 Subscribers

Profits Unlimited, a major newsletter service related to the investment industry, hit a major milestone of 60,000 by March 2017. The research cum newsletter service is published by Paul Mampilly in collaboration with Banyan Hill Publishing. As a hedge fund manager with more than two decades of experience in serving major clients, Paul thought of introducing the investment opportunities to the Americans using his industrial knowledge and analytical skills and started publishing Profits Unlimited last year.

In the newsletter, Paul introduces a new stock every month along with the eight-page newsletter and send it to the customers as a recommended one. Additionally, he provides updates on one or two stocks and offers its performance on his website on a weekly basis. Paul uses a strategy prompting investors to buy shares using their brokerage account than buying for them. Interestingly, a vast majority of his customers experienced very high profits on the investments based on his tips. He usually brackets for open portfolios with up to 18 percent, 21 percent, 31 percent, and 38 percent returns. Out of the 13 such open portfolios, 11 of them show a profit.

Mampilly started his career with Chatham Street Management as an Account Assistant in 1989 and worked with a number of firms in the later years. He collaborated with Deutsche Asset Management, ING Funds, Kinetics Asset Management, Author, Stansberry Research, etc. Mampilly also worked with some publishing firms as a financial writer and author including Agora Financial, Common Sense Publishing, and more. Click here to know more.

He is the founder of Capuchin Consulting, a consulting firm that provides unique investment ideas for professional and institutional investors. Paul is also the founder of Capuchinomics, a research service company which focuses on behavioral finance. He completed BBA in Finance and Accounting from Montclair State University and later, did MBA in Finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business before starting his financial career.

A Comprehensive Focus on Bruce Bent II and the Money Market Fund

A money market fund or otherwise called money market mutual fund is an open-ended mutual fund , which invests in various short-term debt securities like commercial paper and US Treasury bills. These short-term securities serve as a representation of monetary, liquid debt and high-quality instruments. Although money market funds are widely claimed to be as safe as bank deposits, they provide a higher yield.

The purpose of a money market fund is to offer investors an ideal place to invest easily accessible and cash-equivalent assets. Also, the mutual fund is characterized as a low risk, low return investment. Investors can buy shares of money market funds through brokerage firms, banks and mutual funds.

As stated on Wikipedia, money market funds are attractive to investors because they are not accompanied by the fees charged by mutual funds for entering or exiting the fund. Investors who choose to invest in this investment vehicle ought to have a deeper understanding of short-term US Treasury securities like corporate commercial paper, certificates of deposit, repurchase agreements and bankers acceptances.

In-depth Details about Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is the son of Bruce R. Bent. His father was acknowledged for creating the globe’s first money market fund known as the Reserve Fund in 1970. He did this with the help of Henry B.R. Brown. Bruce Bent II serves as the president and vice chairperson of Double Rock Corporation, which is a top financial technology company. The company is known for providing the industry’s most innovative cash-related and cash management solutions to the bank, broker-dealer, retail and qualified plan markets.

Bent II serves as a senior executive to all Double Rock’s fully owned subsidiary affiliates and companies such as Intrasweep LLC, Access Control Advantage Inc., LIDs Capital LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC and Landing Rock Group LLC. He is also a pioneer in the retirement services and cash management businesses. Bent’s collaboration with Access Control Advantage has availed an automated contribution plan loan solution, which minimizes borrowing by an average of 25%. Additionally, he is an accomplished member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization in New York City and the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Omar Boraie; The Vice President of Boraie Development LLC

Omar Boraie is a real estate developer and philanthropist. He is the son of Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development LLC, where Omar Boraie serves as the Vice President. His father started the company in after graduating with a postgraduate degree. He discovered that employees were not willing to pay even on the level of an undergraduate. Therefore, he decided that he would not rely on employment. He completed his education and ventured into the real estate industry. After a few years working as an agent, he saved money and began his own company. Boraie Development has been concentrating on making New Brunswick a better place.

In the past, Omar Boraie was in charge of overseeing residential developments. However, with time his responsibilities have expanded. He oversees the development of commercial buildings. The elegance of their properties has drastically changed how people view the city. Today, you will no longer dilapidate and abandoned buildings in this area. This is because Omar Boraie and his father bought them all and rehabilitated them.

Today, thanks to Omar Boraie and his father Omar Boraie, one can walk in the streets of New Brunswick without fear. The Boraie developments provide enough lighting to the streets so that it’s is safe enough to walk in them even in the evenings. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.


According to NJBiz, Omar Boraie is a very active philanthropist. His business interest goes beyond money. Instead, he works hard with the aim of impacting the lives of others. He sits on the board of Elijah’s promise. The foundation has the core job of ensuring that no one in New Brunswick sleeps hungry. The foundation aims at providing employment. It provides the undeserved with food, clothing and shelter.

In an article on NY Times, Omar Boraie also sits on the trustees’ board of State Theatre New Jersey. Omar Boraie and Boraie Development ensure that entertainment runs throughout the summer. He sponsors the movies that are aired by the theatre, throughout the summer. In these ways, Sam ensures that he is not only enriching himself and his family. Rather, he is doing something meaningful with the money earned from this community.

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Don Ressler, An Entrepreneurial Prodigy

Don Ressler is someone who knows the inside out of the business world. Don is a person who knows how to run a business, and it shows in the numerous companies that he has started up over the years. Using his experience of running various companies, he entered a field that stunned everyone who knew him. His principal business right now is JustFab on, which is a leading fashion brand. At first glance, Don doesn’t look like a person who fits within the world of fashion, but using his incredible managerial skills; he has managed to make a name for himself in this kind of a field.

One of the main reasons why Don has been able to be a success in the field of fashion is because he has a keen interest in learning. His ability to pick up things quickly is how he managed to enter the world of fashion and establish his brand, let alone take it to new heights. By using all that he learned through meeting organized people in the sector, he curated a brand that fits all the customer needs and targets them perfectly. JustFab was established by Don Ressler along with his long time business partner Adam Goldenberg. Together, the duo combined their eye for business and exemplary skills to be able to make it big in fashion.

Read more: JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

Don Ressler has been in the field of business since a very young age. The first company that Don Ressler owned was one he started up when he was just fifteen. This entrepreneurial spirit is what has made him such a successful businessman. His first company was later sold to Intermix Media, after which they offered him a job to come and work as the company’s Vice President of Strategic Planning on This was extremely prestigious for someone of his age, and Don decided to take it up, head on. This was also the point when Don Ressler dropped out of school and moved across the country to work with the company. At twenty, he made Chief Operations Officer at Intermix Media. He received a lot of attention for this promotion and was the youngest person to ever do so at Intermix Media.

His sheer talent and skill show in every venture that Don Ressler embarks on. In his twenties, Don Ressler decided to embark on his business opportunities, which further led him to establish many companies of his own.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Partnership with University of Chicago; Towards Effective Breast Cancer Therapies

Located in the heart of Chicago, Tempus is a medical startup that is going to revolutionize the way we treat cancer. The company focuses on disseminating crucial genetic and molecular sequencing information to doctors to help them come up with more efficient remedies for their patients. Despite the fact that millions of patients have battled breast cancer, there is insufficient information on how the patients responded to different therapies and results of their genetic makeup.

Tempus was founded by the astute entrepreneur, Eric Lefkosfsky. Eric built the company under the premise that the field of oncology requires data as much as it needs active drugs. For the fight against cancer to be won, scientists and medical professionals have to leverage the power of technology and information.

Personalized medical care happens to very few individuals. There is compelling evidence that this is the right approach in developing remedies for diseases such as cancer. Personalized therapies rely on medical data from patients. Currently, the public health care datasets of cancer patients stand at a paltry 20,000 patients against a likely 50 million individuals who’ve fought cancer. That is why Mr Eric Lefkofsky is a man on a mission. Eric has forged a working relationship with the University of Chicago, where he shall be sharing molecular sequences’ information of breast cancer patients with the doctors of the institution.

The molecular, therapeutic and genetic information to be availed to the University of Chicago shall be obtained from 1,000 cancer patients. The information will then be used by the medical professionals in designing more targeting cancer therapies.

Eric Lefkofsky is a man of means. He is worth a cumulative $1.81 billion according to Forbes. Eric’s wealth is a result of his successful startups such as Groupon; a daily deals website started in the year 2008. Lefkofsky also founded Uptake, a data company that focuses on providing businesses with scientific data on how they can run operations more efficiently and how they can ensure safety. The company’s value rose to $2 billion since the year 2014 when it successfully raised $120 million in funding. Together with his longtime business partner Keywell, Lefkofsky is also the man behind Lightbank.

Lefkofsky earned a law degree from the University of Michigan. He was brought up in the neighborhood of Detroit.