Everything On A Pizza

People need to leave pizza alone. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the phrase if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it? People keep taking pizza, which was already delicious to begin with, and doing weird things to it. People have topped pizza with every bizarre food you can imagine from mac and cheese to mashed potatoes and much much more. Pizza companies have turned the crust into something strange that it never should have been turned into. I’m talking about the new Pizza Hut Hot Dog Pizza. Well, it seems that the hot dog pizza isn’t even as bizarre as it gets. Sweden has a pizza out there, and it’s pretty strange.

GrubStreet shows that this pizza kind of resembles six mini calzones that are connected. That’s not weird. It’s what is in those that makes it weird. One of them has french fries. French fries on a pizza! Why? Do you actually eat it like a slice or pick out the fries and eat them seperately. Another area of the pizza has meat which is typical. Another strange part of it contains a salad. Last time I checked, the salad goes on the side, not on the pizza. Other than that, it’s got some strange condiments and toppings. There’s prosciutto, as well as tziatziki sauce. Right in the middle is a lone banana pepper.

I can’t even begin to imagine how to eat this thing, nor can Ricardo Tosto. Your going to need at least 3 different utinsels, if not more.

Labs Look to Tropical Trees Containing Anti-Cancer Properties

We often bypass the marketed hype on the latest miracle cures, but when digging a bit deeper the findings surprise you.

Researchers are calling Graviola one of the most powerful plants on the planet, and research by the National Cancer Institute, and Purdue University, among many others are impressed by its anticancer properties.

Graviola is a small tree vertical tree that grows 5-6 meters tall with large, dark green, glossy leaves. It is native to the tropical forests of Peru and Brazil. The fruit is also sold in local markets in the tropics.

US labs have been performing test on Graviola for decades. Several studies have shown Graviola to have exceptional benefits for the treatment of certain types of cancers, especially those located in the lung, pancreas and prostate.

Purdue University in Indiana began testing Graviola in the 1990’s, for the treatment of tumors. The University has conducted research on the inhibitory action and derivatives in cancer cells, and has filed more than four patents in the United States that use acetogenic components on cancer cells.

Acetogenins are powerful inhibitors and chemotherapeutic reports Handy on this website. Labs have found that acetogenins have 10,000 times the power of chemotherapy agents, and they inhibit cancer cells without any hazardous effects or potential risk to healthy cells.

Research is on-going but thus far, the leaves and stem of Graviola are demonstrating active action against cancer cells without affecting the body.

Squeeze Mayo

First world problems are a funny thing. There are such things that inconvenience Americans, that other people in the world wouldn’t even consider a problem. They would actually be quite happy to have some of the things that Americans enjoy.

Well, it seems that Americans have been complaining about their mayonnaise. It’s too hard for them to get too. Many people enjoy putting mayonnaise on their burgers and on their sandwiches. Dr. Jennifer Walden did that a lot in the past, although she eats healthier now. Unfortunately, it is too hard for them to get the mayonnaise out of the jar. They either have to inconvenience themselves by grabbing a knife. Other than that, when they get low on mayo it’s hard to scrape the sides. One company has come up with a solution.

Hellman’s mayonnaise is now offering squeezeable bottles. I mean why not. Ketchup and mustard are the two other most popular condiments and you very rarely see them in jars. That’s because it’s not practical. So now mayonnaise is joining the ranks! It will available now at grocery stores far and wide. Peoples restaurant eating experiences, picnics, and sandwich making are going to get a whole lot easier. Now, they can squeeze and go. Less mess will be made, and if people don’t have silverware they won’t have to worry.

According to BuzzFeed, the condiment world is changing and Hellman’s mayonnaise is changing with it. It’s easy to come out, and Hellman’s is realizing that this is what people want.

Skout Helped Me To Start A Local Fitness Club

I’ve joined so many dating websites out there that I had given up completely on finding love at all. I literally have signed up to 10 different dating sites, and every single one of them let me down. After a while I decided I wouldn’t date anymore, I would just start looking for a place to socialize. There are tons of websites to socialize on, but I prefer to use Skout. Skout is a great website because I can socialize, I can flirt, and I can even make friends through the network. Skout has been around for years, and I even have friends that I’ve met through the network.

Even though I know I could look for a date through the Skout network, I have put my dating days behind me, and now I only want to find friends. I started a group at work where everyone would exercise together on the weekends by jogging. I wanted to build up the group enough to where we could call ourselves a club, and maybe we could get club T-shirts. I didn’t have enough people from work joining in, and I wanted at least 20 people in the club. This is where Skout comes in.

I started using Skout (facebook.com) to look for people who like to exercise by jogging. It’s amazing the different interests that people have on the Skout network, and I was able to find the people that I needed. Although I did a search for people who like fitness, I was able to find dozens of people in my area that wanted to join my club. After using the Skout network to find different people who were interested in joining my club, I got a total of 26 people to join, and now we are an official club.

Just because I used Skout as a way to look for people who love exercising, I was able to build up a great club. We have T-shirts, we do fundraisers, and we jog every weekend. If it wasn’t for the Skout network, I would never have the club that I have now, and it keeps growing bigger. I constantly use the Skout network to find more people to join our club, and it’s amazing who I find on the network. I’ve been able to find women and men, and they can be any age. I’m thankful that Skout has helped me to reach my goals of starting a new club.

Is Drinking Pop The New Smoking?

Name a product habitually consumed daily by humans that accounts for 45,000 deaths per year from cardiovascular disease and another 6,450 deaths per year from cancer. Did you guess tobacco? The culprit might be closer than you think – the cause is pop, the bubbly beverage consumed nationwide in the form of bottled soft drinks. In fact, you can throw on another 133,000 deaths per year from diabetes onto that figure.

But only now since the study has been peer-reviewed can the findings be published with confidence.

The United States leads the world in the consumption of pop, being one of the top five nations in terms of drinking it. Healthy people like Brad Reifler (reuters) know that pop is the number one source of added sweeteners in the American diet, and that figure has put it in the head of the lineup for causes of the obesity epidemic. In short, your body needs water, and trying to make it survive on a steady flow of corn sweeteners just clogs up the system. As far back as 2007, nutritionists have been warning that living on pop makes you pop out of your pants as well from obesity. Perhaps it will be time soon for pop drinks to carry that most ignored of messages in a consumer society – a health warning label.

The Guinea Pig’s Powers

Guinea pigs are that cute and furry creature that everyone wants to take home when visiting a store for pets. Their smallness and their unusually cute noise makes them a target for young children who want to cuddle with a small animal.

Guinea pigs have also been found to be the perfect animal for someone who suffers with autism. Guinea pigs do not judge, they do not horseplay, and they are small and easily taken care of. Guinea pigs are naturally amiable creatures that fit perfectly in a child’s lap.

It has been found as well that children with autism are more eager to go to school if there is a guinea pig to play with at school. They also tend to show more social behavior and even tend to become less anxious in a social environment.

Researchers, especially in Australia have made this connection and having continued with the theory that guinea pigs can help with the overall lives of autistic children. They add a calming effect which is desperately needed especially among children with disorders.

Scientists who have been testing this theory have done tests with children says Brad Reifler. Each child in the experiment would play with a guinea pig while wearing a wristband. This wristband would monitor their moods through their heart. The results showed that guinea pigs did actually have a calming effect among the children which will prove to be a very helpful piece of information in the future.

Nurse Took Kickbacks to Prescribe Pain Pills to Medicare Patients

Heather Alfonso, a Connecticut nurse was caught accepting $83,000 in kickbacks from a drug company based in Arizona to push their pain medication to Medicare patients.

Alfonso had been working for a busy Derby Connecticut pain clinic, and Insys Therapeutics used that to their advantage by paying Alfonso to help prescribe Subsys.

Prosecutors say Alfonso also took part in speaking engagements for the company, although it too was a ruse. Many times, friends, family and colleagues wrote on Skout as well as attended these events, yet none had any authority to buy or prescribe Insys drugs.

This isn’t the first brush with the law for Insys. In 2013, the Arizona Office of Inspector General subpoenaed Insys regarding potential violations with their sales and marketing practices, and in 2014 there were talks of a prescription scandal and kickbacks.

In fact, Insys has been under investigation for years and has bounced around on investigations of multiple kickbacks, and possible securities fraud, and hiring physicians with questionable reputations.

It’s rare that prosecutors go after the individuals who accept the kickback, instead opting to go for the bigger fish, but it looks like they are making a statement by going after both.

Alfonso has an advanced registered nursing license that allowed her to prescribe medication. She has accepted a plea agreement and could be sentenced to fives years in prison.

Ebola May Be Much Older Than We Thought

Ebola has claimed over 10,000 lives in West Africa, and fortunately, precautionary measures for health care workers returning to the U.S. from this region of the world have prevented it from spreading in the United States beyond a comparative few. About 40 percent of the people who contracted this infectious disease in this latest outbreak in 2014 died, which makes it extremely deadly by any standards. Of course, the health care and medical infrastructure available in a given area greatly affect disease outcomes, and poor African nations are not known for good public health facilities. The first outbreak of Ebola was thought to have happened in Zaire in 1976. A professor of history and infectious diseases, however, thinks the first outbreak may have occurred much earlier; over 2,000 years earlier.

Scientists do know that the Ebola virus itself is very old. It has been in mice and some rats for possibly millions of years. Brian Bonar finds this pretty interesting overall after checking out Whitepages.com. The only question is when it may have jumped species over to humans. There was a terrible plague in ancient Athens, Greece, which was written about by the Greek historian Thucydides. It occurred in 430 B.C. and the symptoms, which were described rather vividly by Thucydides, sound very much like a modern Ebola outbreak. Skeptics point out that there are other diseases that it may have been but it is interesting to wonder if this disease of our modern world is not so modern after all.

The Hop Story

There are countless stereotypes that surround consuming alcoholic beverages based on gender. Stereotypically it is depicted that men like drinking brews made with a lot of hops and prefer to drink darker ales. In the same stereotypical notion women enjoy drinking wine or lighter brewed ales. After recent online information was collected it was noted that beers that are brewed with more hops contain products that can increase estrogen levels in those who consume them. It was also noted that men can develop what forms out to be breasts and can be stricken with erectile dysfunction due to the same feminine product known as phytoestrogen. Hops are biologically female flowers when it comes to the nature of the hop plant. These plants contain phytoestrogen which is estrogen for plant life.


A herbalist and author Stephen Haywood Buhner has attributed the phytoestrogen occurrence in beer as a leading reason for men to develop breasts and trouble with erectile dysfunction. Hops were originally used in herbal medicine prior to the 1500. The drinks made with hops are used to treat insomnia and menopause. There haven’t been any substantial studies to prove the information provided by the herbalist. Critics remain suspicious of the evidence and its lack of critical testing or clinical trials. The same critics 1 test run to show if phytoestrogen even keeps its form during the brewing process. Brewing companies are scheduling test to credit or discredit these findings. Adam Sender wants to see the results, especially if they are posted on The Observer.

Fight Off Cancer With a 5 Day Diet

Fasting has always been part of fad diets, which doctors discourage because fasting for long periods of time can damage your organs. However, they’ve since come up with a 5 day diet that is not only safe, but also reduces your cancer risk.

The 5 day diet they’ve come up with is safe to do on a monthly basis. In their test group, it was found that on the diet, their patients minimized their risk for a number of things, including cancer, aging, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. Although they only had 19 test subjects, the researchers want to get FDA approval so it can be a diet physicians can prescribe to their patients.

The concept behind the diet is that it gets rid of old cells and promotes the growth of new cells, which is rebooting your system in a sense. As Resume.com suggests, the “Fasting Mimicking Diet” lets you eat normally for 25 days of the month, then on the last 5 days, you eat a smaller amount of calories, with them spread out between categories like protein and fat.

This diet is especially effective because you don’t have to starve your body of its nutrients. Instead, you still have nourishment on those 5 days on the diet.