The Need for Dog Care

Dogs need more than just their owner’s love and enjoyment, they also need dog care. Dogs have needs just like humans and other animals. It is important for the dog to be healthy so that he or she can live a full life. In other words, if the owner takes care of his or her dog, the dog will take care of the owner. While it is said that a dog is a man’s best friend, it is important for the owner to be the dog’s best friend as well. Neglecting the dog’s needs is not a good thing to do for the dog.

Among the many things a dog owner could do in order to take care of the dog is to feed it healthy food. When buying food, it is important for the owner to pay attention to the ingredients on the package. For one thing, the owner does not want to feed the dog something that will make it sick. This will bring a lot of heartache to the family. In order to make sure that the owner is feeding the dog healthy food, it is important to take the company that manufactures the food into consideration.

One company that is very reliable when it comes to preparing high quality dog food is Beneful. Beneful is known for creating food with high quality ingredients. This results in a taste that the dog appreciates. The dog also has greater health from Beneful products. The dog will look and feel healthier. The pet will also live a lot longer than with food from other companies that provide lower quality ingredients. Beneful is also less prone to making dogs sick than other companies. The best thing about Beneful products is that they can be found in stores everywhere. It is not required to make a special trip to a distant store.

Dog care is a very important part of owning a pet. It is important to make the dog feel strong, healthy and loved. When one makes the extra effort to care for the dog, he provides the dog with the best days of its life.

Atlantic City NJ Here We Come


Atlantic City NJ with its Miss America Beauty pageant and resort like lifestyle has begun to make a comeback during the Great Recovery. American seems to have trended to remodeling, renovating, and renewing some old time favorite hangouts with extensive American history. It’s not just nostalgia folks. The places and the building are being updated with technology and modern architecture in strategic places. Think of it as a marriage of something old and something new to create something incredible fun and relaxing. 

From Chaos to Prosperity

Two hurricanes and the Great Recession sent New Jersey reeling. Instead of whining about it, business people got to work wining and dining prospects. As they picked up the storm debris they found New Jersey had a lot offer Millennials and Mosaics. Rates are near record lows BUT the government made a deal with Freddie and Fanny for low down payments. New Jersey may be the only state with low down payments which has been a problem. In steps smart phone and web technology. Locals know the properties and possibilities but a marketing campaign caught the attention of new buyers. Now the phones ring and sing and business is beginning to ching. 

Boraie Development

Here is what I am talkin’ about. Omar Boraie has been creating apartment and high rise town homes in New Jersey cities successfully for a while now. He puts a small town with plenty of residents, cafes, and amenities in a small area in the framework of a larger town. For Atlantic City which has now begun major redevelopment a long planned 250 unit apartment complex. The overall plan development comes as a mix of complimentary residential development with business development with an alliance of entities working to make a substantial piece of real estate. Boraie Development LLC is on the cutting edge of creating another living space that satisfies the needs of urban professionals while boosting a cities economy. 

If you are looking to invest, Atlantic City NJ may be the opportunity needed to make money and a future.


AnastasiaDate is an online dating company that is revolutionizing the world of Russian dating. Unlike Tinder and similar sites, AnastasiaDate offers you ways to get the most views to your profile, while being protected by one of the best anti-scam systems you are going to find in the market. You no longer have to spend hours wasting your time going through thousands of fake profiles, just to find that one person who matches you perfect. When you want to connect with real Russian singles, AnastasiaDate puts your needs first.

With AnastasiaDate, their unique system has been receiving praise from across the web. Online dating is one of the best ways to get around the awkwardness of going to your local bar or trying your luck at blind dating. You can communicate with other members in a relax atmosphere and really get to know someone before you end up going out with them. This makes dating much better since you don’t have to worry about stale conversations or having to come up with icebreakers to get the dialog started between you and your date. This is a unique channel that can really help you find that special person who is compatible with you.

AnastasiaDate isn’t just your normal social platform. Besides being able to meet and communicate with active members of this growing community, there are plenty of additional fun features that can better help you find your match. The site has different quizzes and guides to make it easier for people to get to know you and for you to get to know the members better. AnastasiaDate also features different services that allow for you to gift the members you meet. These gift services are not just virtual items that you send in a message, but they are tangible items, such as flowers, that can help you make the best impression on the communities members.

AnastasiaDate is a dating website that brings your online experience to a whole new level. With the best user protection in the industry and an ever growing community of active users, finding your perfect match has never been easier. This online dating site gives you many more options on how you can interact with site’s members while also being sure that you are communicating with real people. When you are looking for an online dating website that puts its users first, AnastasiaDate is the dating site that you have to give a try. You will be more than happy with the results.

Investing in Brazil the Smart Move

Brazil has become a player on the international scene. They have become a nation that other nations want to invest in. One reason for this is that the areas that can be invested in are many and varied. Investors can either put their money towards mining or they could begin investing in healthcare. Brazil also has a thirsty domestic market. The workers of Brazil are now being paid more than they have been paid before. The growing middle class and the shrinking of the lower class is a fact in this country. This makes a dynamic economy environment because now people have assets that they cannot wait to pump back into their countries resources. This is backed up by a healthy regulated banking and financial system that keeps the flow in check.
One individual who saw the opportunity for more was Zeca Oliveira. He became the president of Bridge Trust and partnered with an investment group in Brazil named Gradual Investimentos. Together they have over 6.5 billion American dollars to invest into Brazilian companies. Mr. Oliveira is in charge of resource and fund management, while Gradual Investimentos Fernanda Lima stays CEO of the company. They will continue to do financial advising, being brokers, and taking care of wealth management. Zeca Oliveira started Bridge Trust with only 900 million dollars and has turned that into a business that now can invest 2.5 billion dollars in assets in the span of a year. He did this by investing in the growing economy of Brazil.
For investors that want to get into the raising of a nation now is the time. Brazil is the fifth country when considering population of the world. They also have the seventh biggest economy. There are many reasons that investors should decide to place their funds here and watch the profits roll in. One reason is that, they have copious energy and agricultural potential in this country. Another major point in Brazil’s favor is that they have a large industrial base and already include infrastructure to handle the needs that come with having multi-faceted industries. Brazil also will never allow an investor to get bored. The business conditions are fast passed and fast-changing. This country will now continue to grow and produce. The question becomes how many people will be left with the funds they should have invested and how many people will be counting their earnings.

Beneful Dog Food Products Are The Nutrious Foods For A Healthy Dog

Purina Pet Foods goes above the requirements to assure their products meet all standards and are safe and nutritious products for pets. They constantly track and monitor the ingredients in their products to bring a fresh taste to their foods that pets will enjoy. They understand how proper feeding extends the healthy years in dogs.

Beneful is a dog food brand under the Nestle Purina Petcare name. Their products include wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Beneful came into the pet food market as a nutritious choice for pet owners to provide for their pets. The name, Beneful translates into “full of goodness” and features premium dog foods with soy as the main protein.

This pet food entered the market in 2001 with the first product resembling a stew which contained beef chucks. They later introduced Beneful Healthy Harvest which switched the main ingredient to soy. The Healthy Harvest flavors also include sweet potato, apple accents, spinach and barley.

Beneful brand director, Bill Salzman states they are breaking ground in the dry dog food market by introducing the Healthy Harvest choice with its nutritious formula. This dry dog food provides the primary protein source of soy along with wholesome grains and vegetables. Visit Beneful Facebook for more information.

Exclusively a dog food, Beneful introduced the Beneful Prepared Meals in 2006. These are resealable, multipurpose packaged containers available in fourteen different flavors. The container itself can serve as a dog food bowl.

Qnet, an International Marketing Company

For the year of 2014, Qnet, a leading network marketing company, announced a 21% increase in business growth in the Central Asia Region. The company had a goal of increasing business by 15%, but surpassed that amount by six percent.
In the last ten years Qnet, as seen in this BusinessForHome article, has increased it distributors in the former Soviet block by more than 100,000.
A key growing consumer market for Qnet is Kazakhstam. In 2014, Qnet’s luxury watches sales increased by 36%. Jewelry sales were up by 42%.
In 2014, Qnet products that were launched in the area include:
* Air Pure 2–This is an air purifier product that uses Swiss technology to remove 99% of the contaminants from the air.
* HomePiure Alksline–This is a water idonizer with anti-bacterial properties.
* Force Maximus/ Artimus watches–These are Swiss watches manufactured under Qnet’s Bernhard H. Mayer brand.
Qnet is a Hong Kong based direct marketing company owned by the QI Group. They sell a wide variety of products that include energy, weight loss, nutrition, home care, luxury items, and fashion accessories. The company was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. He also serves in the capacity of motivational speaker for the company, using lasers, dry ice, and pyrotechnics to drive home his pitch.
The company’s marketing strategy employs the direct selling and multi-level marketing system. Independent reps sell the products and services, recruit members into their group, and derive income from these activities in a binary fashion.
In its early days the company, initially known as Gold Quest, made custom made commemorative coins. The company made its first step into diversification by entering into a partnership with a travel and vacation company, QVI Club. In 2005 they acquired QI Comm. a British telecommunications company. In 2006 Qnet expanded into the energy, health, and nutritional products markets. They also developed the Mayer brand of watches. In the same year they bought Prana Resorts and Spa, a vegetarian resort in Koh Samui. Next came a vegetarian organic health store located in Hawaii called Down to Earth.

The Value of North American Spine

As each day passes, more people learn about the benefits of undergoing a procedure at North American Spine, a health care facility based in Dallas. The benefits of undergoing the AccuraScope procedure offered in this facility is so great that many people are traveling out of state to Dallas in order to undergo this procedure for chronic pain. There are just so many advantages that the AccuraScope procedure has over many other procedures. One of the biggest advantages is that it saves a lot of time. The preparation, procedure and recovery period is a very short amount of time. Many people who undergo the procedure are back in their daily lives in no time.

North American Spine has been featured in many shows including a show on NFOR, an Oklahoma City NBC affiliate. One of the people chosen to speak on the procedure was Joe Berry. Joe Berry was a firefighter before he started suffering from debilitating pain that has forced him to take time off from his job. He has tried plenty of different treatment options before undergoing the AccuraScope procedure offered by North American Spine. The procedure has proven to help him in ways that were so beneficial that he was able to continue work within the week.

This is one of many reviews for North American Spine that has been going around about the company thanks to their trademark procedure. As more people learn about this procedure, more people will be seeking it out. There is only one logical step for North American Spine, and that is to expand their services. Joint pain and other types of pain are experienced in various parts of the world. The goal should be to do everything possible to make sure that the solution is available in various parts of the world as well for people who can’t afford to travel.

Igor Cornelsen Talks About When To Start Investing

Is the right time to invest as early as possible? Or should you wait to come close to middle age before you start saving up? Is there are impact of age on investment strategies? Do people become better investors with age or when they are young? These are some of the biggest questions running through a person’s mind when they talk about when to start investing.

Because of the confusion regarding the best time to invest, people waste most of their life waiting for the right moment. This is why Igor Cornelsen,one of the most successful Brazilian businessmen, is here to advise people on the topic –

Early Investors Save More

The earlier you start investing, the more you are saving up for your future. Igor Cornelsen believes that early investors would not only save more, they would also plan about their future in detail since they would end up having enough money to have a comfortable retirement. Ultimately, it all depends on the kind of retirement a person is hoping to have. A lot of people like investing because there is no age limit to it.

Young Investor Are Ambitious and Take Risks

Resume showcases that Igor Cornelsen has been investing for decades and he is an expert on the subject. One thing that he has noticed is that young investors tend to have a “if you take more risks, you will gain more” attitude which can lead to problems. Investing is all about analyzing a situation and acting accordingly. Often, there might be times when a low risk and safe approach would be best. However, being ambitious and taking risks can lead to great rewards for a young investor, if there is a ceiling limit to it.

Older Investors Are A Lot More Experienced

Nothing can replace good research and knowledge about investing, no matter how old the investor is. As time passes, older investors tend to equip themselves with great tricks and strategies. Then, they are comfortable enough to take a few risks and make some precious bucks. Young investors, on the other hand, might not have that knowledge base to begin with.

Investing Later Involves Hardships and Keeping Up With The Plan

If someone starts investing late and wants to have a secure retirement, they would need to save quite a lot in order to reach that goal. There would be a lot of catching up to do because investing was put off till later. In fact, many older investors have to cut back on their lifestyle to ensure that when they don’t have a salaried job, there is no dearth of money. This idea of keeping up could fuel investors to start early.

Ultimately, Igor Cornelsen says that people should know their final goals and take decisions accordingly. If someone is still hoping to work or pursue a paying hobby after retirement, there is no point in saving big early on. On the other hand, if someone dreams of a life of comfort and security with no work involved post-retirement, saving early is imperative.

Enjoy Beverages Longer with S’well

Frustrated when you water doesn’t stay cool throughout the day? You may want to invest in the latest water bottle S’well. It claims to keep water cold for 24 hours no matter the environment it’s kept in, and keep hot beverages warm for 12 hours. 

The bottle was recently put to the test by local channel KWCH12, where they had a viewer test it out and see if it really works. It was compared to a regular water bottle, both were filled with ice and water and measured about the same starting temperature. 

The stainless steel S’well bottle was around 40 degrees at the start, the regular water bottle around 50. After a few hours sitting out, a couple of hours in her hot car, and then a couple more in her air-conditioned car the regular bottle had become 78 degrees while the S’well bottle had only dropped to 41 degrees. After a full 24 hours, the S’well water temperature was at 65 degrees. 

  • After 6 hours the beverage dropped 20 degrees
  • After 12 hours another 20 degrees were lost
  • In the end, the beverage was still pleasantly warm

You can get a S’well bottle for $25 to $45 depending on the size you want, and it will fit right into your cup holder for easy travel. It’s definitely a product that works, and you’ll enjoy having cool water on the hottest of days, and hot beverages like your morning coffee or tea will last longer as well.

Most Adults Don’t Eat Enough Fruit And Vegetables

It might come as a surprise to you, but most adults do not eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables each day. A new study has found that adults 87% of adults did not eat the amount of vegetables that they should in a day, and 76% did not get enough fruit. That is a large majority of the people. So, what can be done about that? Are people going to change their ways because of this statistic?
Fruit and vegetables provide you with nutrients that your body desperately needs. Healthy folks like Darius Fisher understand that they allow you to maintain a good weight, and they keep you from getting all kinds of diseases. Yet, most people don’t eat as much fruit and vegetables as they should in a day.
It’s not always easy to make yourself eat healthy, and fruits and vegetables are not always cheap to buy. But, that doesn’t mean that you should just give up on it. If you have been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, then go for it. Try to beat the statistics, and go ahead and live a healthier life. There is no one stopping you from doing that. It is the right choice to make, and if you can stick with it, then more power to you.