Is There Reputation Hope For People Harmed In The Ashley Madison Hack?

The Ashley Madison hack just might go down in the annals of the internet as one of the most infamous examples of a cyber-security meltdown ever. For those not in the know, Ashley Madison is a dating website intended for married people to conduct affairs. The membership information was kept private and confidential on the company’s servers. Many years went by before any major security disasters occurred. And then, hackers broke into the files of Ashley Madison and released a huge trove of private and confidential information. A lot of personal lives now have the potential to be ruined due to the release of the info.

Then, along came the online “fixer” known as Status Labs. To call the company a “fixer” is somewhat correct, but a better name would be to refer to the company by what it actually is, an online reputation management service. In a move designed to help those who may be dealing with the very difficult situation of the Ashley Madison hack, Status Labs is offering 100% free crisis communications counseling. Those caught by surprise by being wrapped up by the hack are probably very nervous to the point of panicking. Discussing the situation with someone who knows how to offer assistance could prove to be an extremely wise move.

Clear and definitive steps have to be taken in order to make sure the online publishing of embarrassing information does not haunt someone for years and years to come. The sad truth here is anything that is published on the internet is going to remain there. The only way to address the situation is to create a new, revitalized online presence that is filled with content of a positive nature. This could come in the form of crafting a new social media profile, publishing positive blogs and articles, or even posting intriguing videos may all aid in reducing the damage to a person’s reputation.

Doing what is necessary to improve a reputation is not something that can be done without care and deliberation. Only the work of an experienced reputation management company such as Status Labs can deliver results.

Investment Banker’s Story of Success

Kenneth is an American who was born in the year 1968. He is an Alumni of Harvard University which has helped him to do quite well in the world of Investment. His net worth on is estimated to be seven billion as at may 2015. This made Forbes to rank him as the richest person in every state in the year 2015 and position among the billionaires in the united states of America.

He started the journey of success when he was studying at Harvard University. He was using a computer and a fax machines his mode of trade in the year 1987. An article in Forbes is what inspired him. Because of his exemplary work performance, hedge fund pioneer and glen wood parker co-founder Frank Meyer admired his work and they gave him one million dollars for investing. Through his persistence hard work and diligence he founded Citadel Group in 1990. Citadel is a group of companies that deal with management of assets, they also have Citadel Securities which deals with provision of liquidity in Capital Markets in America and lastly Citadel Technology whose main function is to offer solution in investment technology. Kenneth Griffin has employed over 1250 employees who help in the operations of day to day activities in all the companies.

At the time he was founding Citadel in 1990, he only had 4.6 million dollars which by 1998 the company’s net worth had grown to over one billion with about one hundred employees. Great Places to work institute ranked Citadel as one of the top ten places to work in. Griffin is very well known for he keeps on advocating for good working environment for his employees. He pointed out this issue at a time when he was speaking at Milken Institute Global Conference this year.

Despite the fact that he is the founder of Citadel, h is the CEO of the company and that has made the company to grow to a certain level which is estimated to have capital of around 25 billion dollars by March 2015. Citadel has also been ranked as the largest and also successful hedge funds around the world. Griffin is also considered as one of the most paid hedge fund manager according to Forbes.

He also has the character of a philanthropist which has seen him donate about 500 million dollars to several charities and other organizations. The donation that he has ever made and it is very famous is the one that he made to financial aid program which was conducted at the Harvard University in the year 2014.

Status Labs and Contingency Planning

Status Labs operates as an online crisis fixer, their main role is helping those who have had internal information released online manage their reputations and help in the creation of contingency plans for those company that think it could happen in the future. They aim to do these things by maximizing positive information that comes up about clients in search engines and help the company grow by effectively managing their digital marketing.

Most recently Status Labs is set to offer free Crisis Communications, they believe that this is necessary after one of the biggest and most scandalous leaks in Internet history. This is of course referencing the recent Ashley Madison data leak. During this leak hackers successful broke into Ashley Madison’s servers and released the names, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers and other personal information onto the Internet. They many experts that currently work at Status Labs are looking at different ways to mitigate the damage.

Status Labs is also seeing this as a means to gain more business, since this leak a huge amount of businesses have been in contact with the company in regards to contingency planning concerning the potential release of their private information. Status Labs aims to help all these people and organizations, they strongly believe that everyone should be entitles to a second chance. This is one of the reasons that they are offering free crisis communication to any victims of the Ashley Madison leak.

Status Labs sees the deterioration of people’s basic privacies as a huge cause for concern, it is an issue that is constantly getting worse and could only be a matter of time before everyone is effected. They aim to help the victims of these attacks get their lives back on track.

The current president of Status Labs is Darius Fisher, it is his desire to help people who have had their privacy invaded in these vicious attacks. Fisher strongly believes in planning ahead in the chance that something could happen, he has even created a “digital Hygiene” list that includes a number of items everyone who goes online should be thinking about.

Number one and primarily, Fisher talks about removing your personal data from the Internet, such as phone numbers, e-mail and addresses. Secondly it is extremely important to make sure your social media accounts have their privacy settings turned on, this will prevent people from finding you and things that you post. Thirdly, change your passwords often, this is very important on social media and especially if you online bank. These are just a few of the items that Fisher discusses should be kept up with.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Face and Mind of Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is a relatively small world. Anyone that watches reality t.v. can bet the same names that consult on t.v. shows concerning physical improvement or aesthetic surgery can bet those surgeons are the top in their field. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of these medical professionals. She has been named one of Texas’ Super Doctors and is also the spokesperson for American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Although most of her training and experience has occurred in New York, she recently moved her practice back to her home town of Austin, TX. After graduating high school, she earned a B.A. in Biology from the University of Texas and then completed her medical degree at the Medical Branch of University of Texas. She also participated in an externship in Miami, FL before moving to Manhattan, New York due to her award of the world renowned fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital of which she served as director before her relocation back to Austin, TX.

Throughout her career, Dr. Walden has appeared in the public eye as a consultant for many media outlets in reference to cosmetic surgery, new techniques and body rehabilitation after child birth. She has appeared as a guest consultant on Fox News, ETv, Dr. 90210 and VH1. She has also been quoted in Vogue, Teen Vogue and Cosmo. She is also an accomplished author and has co-written and edited a text book on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery along with many articles and papers. In addition to the plethora of written contributions to the field, Dr. Walden has also developed her own surgical instruments which are sold through Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments.

Dr. Walden is a force to be reckoned with in the Cosmetic Surgery Community. Not only is she a wildly successful medical professional and scholar, she is also becoming one of the major faces of the field. As Dr. Walden continues to contribute to plastic surgery, her reputation will be long lasting through her teaching, experience and philanthropy.

Dating In Russia Can Lead One To Find Beautiful Women

Not everyone sees beauty the same way, and what one person may think is beautiful, another person may think is ugly. Beauty is not universal because not everyone will see the same thing when it comes to beauty. Although some people claim they could care less if a person is beautiful or not, this is more than likely dishonest. The first thing a person may see when they meet someone is how they look, and within a minute of meeting a person, the other person will know if they are attracted to them or not. Attraction doesn’t necessarily have to be in the beauty the person has, but that is a big part of it.

Some people are attracted to someone based on what they know about them, and looks have nothing to do with it. Generally, people tend to look at how beautiful a person is in order to determine if they are attracted to the person. Since attraction is mostly in the eyes, it may be difficult for two people to get past what a person looks like when they are dating. Those who go online looking for a date will first want to see how a person looks. Once they know how the person looks, then they may consider talking to the person.

It’s unrealistic for a person to say they need to get to know someone to see if they are beautiful because beauty is something that can be seen. Attraction is something completely different. For a particular person to be attracted to someone, looks alone may not matter. A person can be absolutely beautiful, but they can be ugly inside and have bad behaviors, and this may make people feel unattractive to them. The fact is, most people look for outer beauty as well as inner beauty, and that is a starting point for those who are dating online.

Anyone who chooses to date online should be open-minded enough to know that outer beauty alone is not what makes up a good person, especially a good woman. The AnastasiaDate website is filled with beautiful women, but men who seek out these women need to look past their beautiful exterior. There are some really good women on AnastasiaDate website, and many of them are just looking for a great man, not just a man with good looks.

After talking to several of these women for a while, it’s possible that the two may end up falling in love. Some people end up falling in love with a person, and it’s very unlikely that it’s someone’s beauty which makes the person fall in love with them. Those who talk on the AnastasiaDate site may fall in love because they get to know each other on a personal level, and the good looks a person has is second thought.

Fun And Fashionable Cosmetics From Lime Crime

Cosmetics can be a great way to have fun with one’s look. Using a certain shade of lipstick can help someone show off their fun side or demonstrate that they are professional and ready to show up to work at a meeting with an understated and elegant appearance. Makeup allows people to experiment with all kinds of look. Someone can put on a shade of eyeliner that makes them look more exotic and sophisticated one day. The next they can grab a shade of eyeshade that is bright purple and helps them indicate their playful side to others. Having the right kind of makeup on hand can be a great way to create a look when they want. The user can pull out a makeup kit whenever they want and use the makeup inside to change their look ten minutes later.

Many women love to have such makeup on hand as they change from one role to another. A woman may want to start the day at her job with makeup that conveys an air of sophistication and maturity. The use of the right kind of understated makeup can do just that when paired with the right kind of outfit. As the woman goes through her day, she will often want to consider the kind of look that is ideal for any evening engagements she wants to attend later in the day.

Those who want to find makeup that is fun and exciting as well as allows the user to be able to experiment with colors of all kinds will want to investigate the possibility of using cosmetics from Lime Crime. Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime offers fun and innovative makeup that many people find meets their needs for cosmetics that are elegant and yet creative at the same time. Purchasing items from Lime Crime can be an ideal way to use cosmetics that are created with the user who wants to have makeup that is available in all kinds of new and interesting colors. A splash of bright neon orange is one way to help stand out in a crowd or show off an outfit in a contrastting color.

In this way, the user of such cosmetics can demonstrate to others that she is someone who is willing to take risks and indicate her interest in fashion ideas that have not been seen before. The cosmetics here can be also be used to help someone indicate that they like to think about new ways they can use such items to help them craft a look that is thoughtful and interesting at all once. They can also work with the company to figure out the best way to create a modern look.

Hedge Funds, Health Care, and Lessons for All

The stock market in the United States has taken a huge tumble. The toxic situation in China has led to a massive hit to U.S. stocks. Very few sectors have not been impacted in some way. One would think hedge funds would be suffering. True, certain hedge funds are experiencing a hit. Those funds with money in the healthcare sector, well, they are doing surprisingly well. Overall, a host of healthcare stocks have not been damaged by the current market decline.

Does this mean every single healthcare stock is doing well? Are all the stocks going to be automatically safe from declines in the future? The answer to both of these questions is no. At the present, however, we can see there is a number of stocks (per Forbes) doing extremely well in the market and several hedge funds are doing well since they are so rooted in the healthcare sector. Right now, some of the richest billionaires in the hedge fund world are buying and selling healthcare stocks. The fact they are “dumping” certain healthcare stocks shows healthcare assets are not sure things.

Looking closely at what these billionaires are doing is strongly recommended in order to understand how to navigate such a difficult economic landscape. Anyone who is heavily investing in hedge funds and is very successful with these investments could provide a lot of insight into how to handle the rough patch the market has reached.

Examining the work of someone such as Ken Griffin on wallstreetjournal would definitely be helpful. As the CEO of Citadel, Ken Griffin is an expert in global investments and hedge funds. Looking into how Citadel handles the money of its clients and investors is another way to learn about the ways experts are dealing with the current market situation.

Tracking the movements of those heavily invest in hedge funds and those who manage hedge funds does provide food for thought. This is not to suggest the average investor should mimic the movements of these investors and managers. Really, it would probably be best to discuss personal financial matters with a qualified advisor. Bringing up the movements in the world of hedge funds during the meeting could have some benefits.

Markets have their ups and downs and, yes, markets also have to deal with occasional crashes. Right now, the market is doing extremely poorly but some hedge fund managers are surviving if not thriving. Would it not make sense to look closely at how they are achieving such success.

There Is A Mobile Wireless Service That Doesn’t Cost A Thing

Many people are picky about the kinds of services that they use in any and every area. They want to know that they are getting a good deal when they sign up for a mobile wireless service, just as they do when they are signing up for anything else. But, when it comes to this area, a good deal is not always easy to come by. Most mobile wireless services offer the same kind of deals to their customers as the next company does. They don’t care about doing things differently, because the way that they are doing things is the only way that they know. But there is one company that has chosen to make a different name for itself.

FreedomPop is all about giving the people who choose to use their services a good deal. They started offering their free services for just that reason. They want people to be able to know that there is one mobile wireless service that is rooting for them. There is one mobile wireless service that wants to provide people with a service that they can feel good about using.

FreedomPop on fortune was started out in this way, to give people free services, and they have grown quickly because of that. People have caught on to the way that they are doing things, and they are excited to be a part of this company. Investors and customers alike are proud to be associated with FreedomPop and all of the unconventional things that they are doing.

Now that they have a mobile service company to go to that is offering them a great deal, people can be as picky as they like about getting a good deal on any service that they sign up for. They now have an option that won’t cost them a thing.

Flipora Changes Social Media Through Discovery Engine

We are living in a time of unbridled information exchange. In fact, we are so connected as a people that it is almost unheard of to be remote and removed from both the internet and social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Myspace have helped to change what it means to have exist in the modern age of social media. Now social media can build empires, advertise billion dollar companies, and bring about revolution all from your iPhone or other technical device. So it makes sense that more companies are trying to get in on the action, the only issue is that there needs to be a new line of thinking to make these companies stand out. Flipora, formerly known as InfoAxe, may have done just that.

The Discovery Engine
Changing the way people find content is a pretty fundamental way to change the face of the internet. Right now everything pretty much comes down to ‘Google it’ and while that may be effective it really isn’t efficient. The problem is that you can only find content if you know what you are looking for. You have to have the right keywords and the right idea as to what you possibly want. Flipora is based around the Discovery Engine. The Discovery Engine is a new way of doing an old thing: bring new content to your browser.

The Discovery Engine operates by being installed into your browser. From there it collects data and monitors your search engine choices. This data is uploaded and indexed in order to paint a profile of the type of content that you enjoy. From there Flipora, powered by the above engine, will connect similar users to one another and start sharing content. This way brings about new content to users who didn’t even know to search for it to begin with.

As an aggregate engine Flipora is changing the way that people find content on the internet and they are doing it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and quietly effective. Flipora is installed into your browser where it runs quietly in the background. You’ll have the option to engage in Flipora and from there you’ll see a special window which showcases suggested content. You can flip through the pages literally by hitting the corner of your screen, thus quickly finding new content without even having to bother with the keyboard or scrolling button.

Flipora is growing at a rapid rate of 150,000 users per week. This growth means that the company is indexing 20 million pages of data every single day, or more than four times the size of Wikipedia! With more users signing up by the day, it seems only a matter of time until Flipora becomes a dominant engine.

More on Investment Banking

In the investment banking, a bank assists individual, government and companies to raise funds. The investment bank does this by either acting as an underwriter or acting as the client in the issuance of securities or both. The banks can also facilitate the sale and the trading of equity research. They help the trading banks in the buying and selling of their own securities and assist them match up potential buyers and sellers.

There are several categories of securities that are further divided into subcategories. The first one is derivatives. These are further divided into futures, swaps, forwards and options. The second category of securities is the debt securities. They are mainly comprised of bonds, banknotes and debentures. The third category is the common stocks which are a type of corporate equity.

Securities are the main sources of capital for new corporations and companies while the investment banking is done by an investment bank.

When an investment bank takes up the role of an underwriter like Kenneth Griffin, the bank basically insures the client. This means that the bank takes up the responsibility for complete or partial damage or loss or makes a promise to the client that in case they incur loss, the bank will compensate them.

To raise money for all this, investment banks invite investors for any corporation or company they are representing. If the investment bank is unable to source money from the investors, then it raises the required funds for compensation of the client.

The bankers choose their clients wisely since they share any profits made by the companies or the sales agreements made.

Also, investment banks can be categorized functionally into public or private domain. The information is barred from crossing between the two domains. To provide advice on the investment banking, one has to be licensed and must be subject to FINRA and SEC regulation bodies. There can be small-sized and medium-sized investment banks as well as big commercial banks that have branched into the field of investment banking.

Two of the experts in the investment banking are James Dondero and Kenneth Griffin. He is a Co-founder of the renowned Highland Capital Management with more than three decades experience. He has worked for some of the major companies such as the American Express and Protective Life. Dondero mainly focused on distressed and high-yield investing. Since its start, Highland Capital has helped in the development of solutions that are credit-oriented for many institutions and investors across the world. Currently, Mr. Dondero is a board member for the American Banknote and a chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical companies.

James Dondero began his career in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty training program where he started as an analyst. He graduated with the highest honors degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia. He is a Certified Management Accountant and has been granted the rights to use the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. Mr. Dondero has rich experience in securities that are mortgage-backed, emerging markets, leverage bank loans and common stocks.