Type Two Diabetes Slowly on the Decline

Many people know that type two diabetes is often associated with a poor diet and exercise routine. While type two diabetes has slowly been on the rise for many years, it is now showing that it is on the decline for people all over the country. There could be many reasons for this, and the benefits of having this disease on the decline is definitely great for those who might have been at risk for it or those who have the issue running through their family. One of the main reasons type two diabetes is slowly on the decline is because people are beginning to learn about how to make healthier food choices and exercise habits.

We are slowly but surely coming out of an age where all people did was run to fast food restaurants and getting whatever they wanted. Now, if you go into a restaurant or fast food chain, you will notice that a lot of healthier and low-calorie options are being offered. This is ideal for people who are trying to watch their weight and avoid type two diabetes altogether. Another reason, Sergio Cortes claims, is that this disease may be on the decline is because exercise is becoming more readily available to people. Because you can find just about any exercise routine on the Internet as a free download or video, people are more likely to find workouts they enjoy and will do regularly.

Airport Workers Steal Never Released Kevin Durant Shoes

Two employees from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport stole 12 pairs of never released Kevin Durant basketball sneakers.

The shoes have not been released to the public yet, and the market release wasn’t due until July.

The Air China shipment from Taiwan was intercepted by two airport workers, Calvin Colain Nelson and Audley Russell, both from Queens, who then proceeded to sell them online.

After the shipment disappeared, various pictures of the unreleased K8’s popped up online, including factory boxes, that were tracked to an Instagram account.

Authorities tracked the thieves through their sales moniker @SNKR_BASE. The initial ad appeared just one day after the shipment vanished from the airport.

Calvin Colain Nelson, a security guard at JFK airport, claimed he purchased nine pairs of the KD8’s from some other guy, yet both employees face grand larceny charges, as well as receiving stolen property.

Igor Cornelsen and the folks at lulu.com say Nelson and Russell are looking at a 15 years prison sentence.

Endometriosis: The Most Effective Surgical Method

Endometriosis is a female reproductive disease in which tissue normally found only in the uterus locates itself elsewhere in the body. The tissue lesions shed along with the normal menstrual cycle, but the material is not routed from the body, like uterine tissue. This can cause severe cramping, bleeding and inflammation. Several theories are posited as to why this painful disorder occurs, but there is no consensus of opinion. If a mother has endometriosis, her daughter is more likely to experience it.

Surgical excision of the rogue tissue is considered the gold standard to relieve pain and restore function.

One important recommendation for this type of procedure is that excision allows for examination of the lesion removed, to check for pathology. If the lesion proves cancerous, excision surgery has performed a complete removal with clear borders, which means that a repeat procedure will not be necessary. A recent Swedish study indicated that endometriosis patients who underwent excision surgery had a reduced incidence of ovarian cancers when compared to those opting for other forms of endometrial treatments. Further studies also indicate greater pain relief and quality of life post-surgery for those opting for an excision procedure.

Advanced Laparascopic Excision Surgery is recommended by Dr. Tamer Sekin, Board Certified gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeon and leading specialist in endometriosis. Dr. Sekin is internationally recognized for his committment to treatment of this debilitating disease and the use of laparascopic excision surgery as a critical component of his therapy.

Performance of laparoscopic excision surgery is very precise, with minimal risk to vital organs. Laparoscopic excision uses a thin, wand-like instrument fitted with a tiny video camera. Organs are lifted and separated via carbon dioxide gas injected into the abdominal cavity, to facilitate exploration for diseased tissue. All organs are carefully examined, layer by layer, to discover and excise rogue lesions. This procedure is called Deep Laparoscopic Excision. The surgery may be as brief as 45 minutes or longer, depending on individual needs. The procedure utilizes general anesthesia and is usually done on an outpatient basis in a hospital operating room.

With successful surgical outcome fertility is improved, the uterus presents a normal configuration and painful symptoms are eliminated.

According to Dr. Seckin, the best outcomes for an endometriosis surgery involve complete excision of the diseased tissue, not hysterectomy or drug therapy, which simply mask symptoms. He maintains that conventional therapies or surgeries do not address the hidden endometrial tumors which still lie below the surface, waiting to grow and thrive once again.

Laparoscopic excision surgery is a precise, minimally-invasive and successful remedy for endometrial disease and its painful symptoms.

Drug Sticker Shock for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Wikipedia postulates that most prescription medications cost us more than we want them too. Even with health insurance, out-of-pocket expenses for needed drugs are oftentimes ridiculous. Certain diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, cause patients to suffer from sticker shock when they have their prescriptions filled at the local pharmacy. For many patients, a year’s supply of disease-treating drugs cost more than an average annual income.

Many diseases require drug treatments that cost around $10,000 a year out-of-pocket when the patient has insurance. Take away the insurance and the drugs would cost around $50,000 just so the patient could survive and have some semblance of quality to their daily life.

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and not having insurance will cost a patient around $66,000 per year for prescription medications. That cost doesn’t include doctor visits and other therapy, that’s just for needed medicine and $66,000 is more than many people earn in a year.

Multiple sclerosis s a disease in which nerve fibers gradually degenerate, leaving the patient with muscle weakness, numbness, balance problems and may eventually cause paralysis. The needed medication reduces the number of ‘episodes’ that a MS patient has and also slows the progression of the disease. But at such a high cost, the needed medicine is not affordable to everyone, leaving them out of options and out of time.

Texas Superintendent Claims the Reported Chlamydia Outbreak Was Grossly Exaggerated

The sexual education programs our schools are providing to children have made headline news in recent weeks, largely due to a reported chlamydia outbreak in a small Texas high school. The outbreak was blamed on the school’s sexual education program which taught an abstinence-only curriculum.

But there is only one problem, the chlamydia outbreak, which received national attention, was hugely exaggerated by the superintendent of the Crane Independent school district, Jim Rumage, who is blaming a misunderstanding he had with the doctor who gave him the reports.

It is great news to hear that these young students were not infected as bad as originally projected. However, it should be taken as a warning sign to prevent future outbreaks due to poor educational programs. Scientific data from analyst Eric Pulier shows that abstinence-only programs are not effective at preventing disease or teen pregnancy, but that has not stopped the Texas legal system from secretly funding these programs all over their state.

Originally, news reports claimed there had been as many as 20 students out of 300 who has been infected in the small Texas county, number which caused the CDC to announce an outbreak of epidemic proportions. But now reports are backing off that number, claiming there have only been 5 cases reported in the county over the past year. There is a silver lining though, Crane, Texas has caught the attention of the country for their ineffective abstinence-only programs.

Early HIV Treatment Prolongs Life

One of the largest clinical drug trials has been stopped a year early because of the undeniably positive results. The federal health officials announced earlier this week that they were ending a clinical trial regarding early treatment for HIV because the trial results were clear early on.
Those conclusive, early results proved that people with HIV who were prescribed antiretroviral drugs at the time of their diagnosis lived longer than those whose treatment with antiretroviral drugs was postponed. The chance of survival increased by over 50 percent and the person was less likely to develop full-blown AIDS or some other serious illness due to their compromised immune system according to Steve Murray on the New York Post.
Early treatment saves lives, that’s the mantra for all diseases, including HIV. Unfortunately, of the estimated 35 million people worldwide who are infected with the AIDS virus, less than half ( 14 million) are participating in a treatment program which includes antiretroviral drugs.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states there are several factors which prevent HIV-positive people from getting an early diagnosis, such as lack of insurance or wrong diagnosis.
Dr. Demetre C. Daskalakis, the NYC health department’s assistant commissioner for H.I.V./AIDS prevention and control, says that treatment is being started quickly for newly diagnosed HIV patients in New York. Dr. Julio S. G. Montaner, a former president of the International AIDS Society, says early treatment is the best way to halt the AIDS epidemic.

Turning Back the Hands of Time, One Cell at a Time

Medicine that’s used to keep a person young is currently just a science fiction lover’s fantasy. Fortunately, the folks at Boraie Development say that might not be the case in a few years. Scientists and students at the University of California have developed a drug that, they believe, can not only stop the process of aging, but turn back the hands of time. The study was initially conducted on lab mice. The scientists conducting the study used the drug Alk5 kinase to act as an inhibitor for aged mice with adult stem cells. At birth, all creatures are born with stem cells. The stem cells at birth are often used to rejuvenate the cells of stroke patients or people who suffer with paralysis. The cells can manipulate their form and replace the damaged cells. The problem with adult stem cells is that they continue to grow and lose the ability to adapt to their host. The Alk5 kinase drug can manipulate the cell and make it reverse the process of aging. Researchers have been working on this since early 2005. The cost for working with stem cells is strikingly high. Because of that, researchers had to find a different way to study the stem cells but put off constantly needing to purchase them. Using data already established from previous stem cell research, researchers concluded on that the Alk5 kinase was continually able to manipulate stem cells. The work is still in its early stages and it’s too soon to tell when the drug will hit the market. Researchers do believe that this drug will be the first step in extending life and the human body.

Tumors are Reduced by Increased Blood Flow and Exercise

New findings have revealed that exercise directly impacts the size and spread of cancerous tumors within a patient. Patients that are diagnosed with these tumors are advised that frequent exercise and activity will have an impact on their recovery. However, many people find themselves slipping into stagnation and weakness as Chemotherapy takes it’s toll on the body. Not only that, but learning that you have cancer within your body takes a toll on your overall mood and spirit.

But there is good news in the center of this whole mix; researchers have now found a directly correlation with exercise and the spreading of tumors. Brad Behnke, an Exercise Physiologist at Kansas State University, found that lab rats experienced a significant decrease in the spreading of tumors in their body. Rats have a musculature that acts almost identical to humans – blood is sent to the active muscle. Behnke found that the lab rats performing frequent exercise actually slowed down the growth of tumors within their body.

In conjunction with the decrease of tumor spread, the increased Oxygen flow into the individual’s body helps medication operate more efficiently. Oxygen is directly in control of blood flow and regulation within a person’s body. When we increase the blood flow, we also increase the chance that the radiation treatments will produce the desired outcome. Healthy people like Sam Tabar agree that one should always consult with your Doctor before performing these cardiovascular exercises on one’s own.

Don’t Risk Tick-Borne Illness This Summer

In many parts of the world, mosquitoes are the insect to be worried about. They spread malaria and other diseases, and in developing countries they are still very prevalent. Countries such as the United States, however, aggressively handled such problems by cleaning up swampy areas near where people live, and thereby reducing the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The biggest bug-born disease carrying threat here in the U.S. is probably ticks. Lyme disease is the most commonly reported illness from ticks. From a map of reported cases for this disease, it is most prevalent in the Northeastern part of the United States.

There were over 22,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease in 2010. It is readily treatable with antibiotics, but the problem is that the symptoms can be confused with other illness, such as coming down with the flu, so you may not know you have it until the symptoms progress to include joint aches and swollen lymph nodes. There are a number of tick borne illnesses besides Lyme and some are even more serious. If you live near a wooded area or any place where there is likely to be ticks, you may want to wear clothes that have been treated with Permethrin, which can repel and kill ticks through about 70 washes when professionally applied to clothes. Having this done to shoes is most important as they frequently crawl up them to get up to the skin. Checking your kids for ticks after they have been out playing near where ticks may be is another sound precaution.

Philanthropy comes into focus for Bruce Levenson

As the face of the NBA franchise the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson is well known for his competitive spirit, but less well known is the commitment the former NBA Board of Governors member has made to philanthropy and charitable organizations. As the sale of the Hawks awaits the rubber stamp of the NBA owners group the additional funds and time Levenson will receive for his stake in the Hawks will free up even more opportunities for the former journalist to look into more and more charitable giving opportunities. From his commitment to the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland to his donations to the US Holocaust Museum, Levenson and his wife Karen have made the choice to help improve the lives of others.

Bruce Levenson did not make a conventional entrance into the world of business, instead he and business partner Ed Peskowitz entered the news and analytics industry in a store room where they wrote their first newsletter. This was way before Facebook, but it was still able to grow like crazy. The success of their modern approach to news led them to form the United Communications Group, now known as UCG and expand quickly when new technologies became available. UCG has now expanded its reach into many different industries and now offers real time analytics that are amongst the most respected and sought after in the world.

As time has moved on Bruce Levenson has found himself leaning more towards the world of philanthropy and giving back to different areas of the world in terms of charity. The commitment to the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland has seen the city of Washington DC and the state of Maryland become an even greater part of the lives of the Levenson family. The center has already provided a number of professionals for the many programs and charitable groups offering services in the area and will now look to expand its reach to a global stage. The growth of this center will now offer assistance to groups in India and Africa in a bid to continue the work of Bruce Levenson long into the future.