Whitney Wolfe Herd Helping People Find Love

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the woman who is changing the way dating works for the new generation of young adults. In a world where women wait on guys to make the move, it’s easy for men to be overly aggressive or put in too much of themselves to get the girl to be interested. Bumble, the app Whitney Wolfe Herd so beautifully crafted, gives women the chance to take charge of the conversation. She decides who she wants to message in order to keep the match alive, and from that point conversation and potential dates can continue.

Bumble is known for creating that professional atmosphere for women to feel empowered and confident in themselves and who they are. It is the epitome of feminism and strength by giving women the voice they have always wanted to have. Whitney Wolfe Herd is ultimately one of the best women to look up to because of how well she carries herself from the struggles she has overcome over the years.

How to Make The Most Out Of Bumble

The most important thing to get matches on Bumble is to make sure you know and understand how to best present yourself. Bumble is about having good profile photos, strong bios, and a good sense of humor when it comes to responding and sending messages. For women, it’s about confident and messaging guys believing in yourself. For men, it’s about being patient for the girl’s who are genuinely interested to message you first and to know how to carry on a conversation.

One last thing to remember is that it is indeed about having good photos that showcase your best self. If you can find pictures that give your best angles and with you being around friends as well, it can boost your appeal in so many ways by having more swipes.

Outside of getting swipes, the goal is to get on a meet up or a date as soon as possible. Sometimes, it can be tough falling in love with a person’s personality via text message, and it’s vital that you go out of your way to meeting a date when you both get the chance.

Bumble is the leading dating app for men and woman today. It is opening up new ventures and options to allow for people to use it for love, dating, friends, and even networking. Join Bumble and be part of the movement.

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George Soros Philanthropy Efforts of George Soros in Promoting Human rights and Democracy

George Soros is known as the billionaire and the fund manager who has played a significant role in the Democratic donor. His philanthropic nature has made him to channel the $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. This has made him stand out in the field of the philanthropist in the sense that it was the most significant wealth transfers that have ever been made by any private donor.

His donation has made a lot of transformation to the Open Society as among the most prominent philanthropic group in the United States. Mr. Soros through the Open Society, he has demonstrated his pragmatic skills in many countries by promoting the democracy and the human rights. The organization has also extended its wings in the United States in protecting the rights of the gays and the lesbians.

The organization has made a lot of achievement in the society. In the year 2014, it helps in the fight of the Ebola outbreak in an effort protect the people. Also through the organization, Mr. Soros has been vocal in condemning the evil practices in the society. For instance in the year 2016 during the election period, he condemns the “a national wave of hate incidents” He also further committed some amount of money to prevent the violence from escalating, and follow his Twitter.

In the field of politics, he played a crucial role in the donation to the Democratic politicians and the Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Soros lived in Hungary while he was a boy. His early lived was under the communist rule. He then left for London and finally to the United States. He made $1 billion which was the bet against the British pound. He then went his massive move in funding the human rights and boosting the organizations that are advocating for the democracy.

In the year 2016, Mr. Soros channeled millions of money to the PACs that was opposing Mr. Trump. For many decades, he has demonstrated his dedication to the foundation through his regular annual donation of $800 million. Additionally, he has increased the contribution with the purpose of elevating the organization to the required niche.

Open Society Foundations has made a massive transformation in the society as much as the issues of democracy and the human right are concern. It has been praised by many, for instance, the likes of Ford Foundation, Darren Walker through there well-planned manners that are touching different parts of the globe.

The Open Society Foundations has become so much impactful through the well-structured team of experts that are running the different department. In addition to that, the services that are provided by the organization are well coordinated and fits the need of many in the community.

The donation by Mr. Soros to the Open Society has put the spending on the programs quite smooth. This is because the Soros’s fortune is managed by experts who are familiar to him. Furthermore, he has remained close to the management of the organization, and learn more about George Soros.

Mr. George Soros has played a critical role in his philanthropic work through his donations to support the human right and democracy. Reported by The Wall Street Journal.

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Lori Senecal: Women in Advertising

If you haven’t heard of Lori Senecal, she is the Chief Executive Officer for Crispin Porter & Bogusky, an advertising, and marketing company, based in Boulder, CO. The company, which is a member of MDC partners, was founded in 1988 and has since, gained a great deal of notoriety due to their business relationships with companies like Burger King and BMW Mini. Senecal joined Crispin Porter & Bogusky (also known as CP+B) in 2015; in her role as CEO, she has been instrumental in guiding the company’s success, which also contributed to her individual success. In 2015, Crispin Porter & Bogusky was named creative innovator of the year by Advertising Age, a well-known marketing, and media news source. In addition, Lori Senecal received personal recognition for her work in the advertising sector, when she was named agency executive to watch for 2016.

Lori attended Canada’s McGill University, where she earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and Marketing. Shortly after finishing college, she Co-founded TAG Ideation, a New York-based full-service creative agency. In 2009, Lori Senecal took on her most challenging role, serving as President and Chief Executive Officer for Kirshenbaum, a global New York-based advertising agency. In her role with the company, Senecal oversaw many of Kirshenbaum’s day to day operations including product development, brand strategy, and much more.

As Senecal became increasingly comfortable in the advertising world, she sought to earn more distinguished titles with Kirshenbaum, and in 2012 she was named Chairman and CEO; by 2014, she was named Global Executive Chairman. How did Lori Senecal rise through the ranks so quickly? Hard work; during her time Kirshenbaum, she played an integral role in boosting the number of employees at the company; she grew Kirshenbaum’s workforce from 250 to 900 employees, and at the same time, helped Kirshenbaum earn the distinction of being one of the best places to work in New York City. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

As a self-proclaimed shy introvert, as well as a woman in the business world, Lori Senecal has proven that it is, in fact, possible to smash through the proverbial glass ceiling, find success, and most importantly, make your voice heard.

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Jeunesse Develops Holistic Health Paradigm

Jeunesse is one of the most innovative nutritional supplement manufacturers to come along in the last decade. Founded in September of 2009, the company quickly took the world by storm with its broad line of innovative products.

The Y.E.S System, as it’s come to be known, is a holistic approach to overall health. The Y.E.S. System stands for Youth Enhancement System, a suite of nine state-of-the-art nutritional supplements and skin care products that are designed to prolong youthful beauty and vigor. The system features products that have been carefully designed, including a number of skin care products that take advantage of highly specialized, patented compounds that have been devised especially for Jeunesse by scientists working in their in-house laboratories. Read the article at stevieawards.com.

What is the Y.E.S. System?

There are nine components of the Y.E.S. product lineup. Taken together, these products are designed to extend youthful skin tone, glow and energy levels and to partially restore them in older users.

Y.E.S. products take into account the increasingly widely accepted discovery that people’s biological age is often different than their true age, as measured in years since birth. This means that there are often opportunities to actually turn back the clock, especially where various disease processes or bad habits, such as cigarette smoking, may have cause the person to prematurely age.

Some of the components of the system include the skin restoration cream Luminesce, which is able to restore elasticity and diminish wrinkles, lines and pores. NV is a sister product to Luminesce. It is designed to restore a youthful glow to the user’s skin. NV has been scientifically shown to increase skin radiance and reduce the perceptibility of wrinkles around the eyes. Stay up to date with Jeuness Global at Linkedin.

Other products in the Y.E.S. System include the energy drink Nevo and weight management drink Zen Bodi. Nevo is one of the lowest calorie, all-natural energy drinks currently in production. It has gotten some of the best user reviews of any product currently on the market and is made with 100-percent all-natural fruit juice.

Jeunesse itself continues to take the nutritional supplement industry by storm. For more information on these fantastic products, visit the company’s website.

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Jeunesse Offers High Quality Nutritional Supplements And Skin Care Products

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are the duo that is behind Jeunesse Global. This is a healthcare supplement and skin care product company that they officially launched in 2009. The motto of Jeunesse is to help people look and feel younger through high quality products that enhance people’s lives. (See: crunchbase.com/organization/jeunesse-global-2)


A popular nutritional supplement that Jeunesse produces and sells is called Finiti. It comes in a bottle packaging that contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage of Finiti is two tablets twice a day every day. Finiti is meant to help you achieve greater overall health and fight against aging. Key ingredients in this supplement include Coenzyme Q10, tocopherol, tocotrienols and various herbal supplements such as astragalus root extract.


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Finiti sells for around $140 a bottle. The supplement is only recommended for adults that are age 25 and over. It contains no common allergens such as soy, peanut or wheat. The supplements are also preservative and dye free.


Another popular nutritional supplemented manufactured and marketed by Jeunesse is called M1ND. As its name implies, this nutritional supplement is focused on boosting brain function. Key ingredients of M1ND is CERA-Q and L-THEANINE. Both substances have been proven in clinical trials to help reduce mental distractions when taken on a regular basis.  Go To This Page for related information.


M1ND is sold by the box. Each box also costs around $140 and contains 30 liquid packets. The packets are one ounce each and are a single serving of M1ND. It has a lemon flavor and can easily be taken on the go to work. There are many benefits associated with taking M1ND on a regular basis. It can help improve attention spans, memory, concentration and mental clarity.


Jeunesse Global has also cooperated with a celebrity nutritionist to create the Zen Program. This is a program that uses Jeunesse supplements to help people lose weight to look and feel younger. It entails a three-step process to achieve better health and increased longevity. The first step is to detox to begin the journey to better health and youth. Next, the person goes through the ignition phase. This involves following a diet and undergoing weight loss. The last step in the Zen program by Jeunesse is to maintain optimal health through a good diet, exercise and supplements.

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Talkspace: Get Ready For Change

Talkspace is the company that is looking to change things and they are starting right this second. First and foremost, they want to change the lives of their clients that come to them for therapy and for advice. Talk therapy has proven to be very successful for a lot of people in bad situations in their life. They can figure out where it all starts, how to fix it, and how they can move forward in their life. Talkspace wants people to feel comfortable moving forward and feel comfortable with the decisions they are making for their future. These are the decisions that are going to shape their future for the better and the long haul.

As far as the other type of change they are looking to do, they are looking to change the way that people can obtain therapy. Between their text messages, phone calls, and videos, a client can have everything at their fingertips with this app. This is a new way of therapy and I would argue it is a better way. It is easier to see someone, cheaper, and they get a more personal touch. They are talking with someone on the phone that really understands their plight. They have their pulse on what is bothering this individual and how they can go about fixing it.

They believe in each and every person that picks up the phone and calls them. They know they have a big responsibility in helping people. It is not something they shy away from or something they shrink from, at the end of the day. It is something they embrace to the fullest. They live for it as a matter of fact. It is their job and they feel like it was what they were put on this earth to do as therapists.

Glen Wakeman and his Thoughts on Building Businesses

Glen Wakeman is a highly successful financial executive who is credited with building businesses using revolutionary thinking (NewsSky). As the Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, an automated software provider for startups, Wakeman recreates business imagination and ensure optimum results for startups. Interestingly, he is known for evolving a five-step performance methodology, which is proven by time and efficient results. It focuses on human capital, risk management, execution in business, governance, and leadership power (https://affiliatedork.com/glen-wakeman-inspires-entrepreneurs). Additionally, he has excellent exposure to corporate management, emerging markets, divestitures, and that makes him a highly successful strategist and thoughtful authority.


Wakeman recently spoke about what inspired him to found LaunchPad Holdings. He was regularly seeing many startups with excellent ideas fail to make success in the market. Wakeman was concerned by the factor as the numbers were really high. When he analyzed it, case by case, Wakeman identified that most of them lacked a structure around those individual ideas. He thinks that most people fail to capture the difference between idea and plan and think both are same. This is where Wakeman thought of creating a platform for the startups to make plan building hassle-free and simplified for the entrepreneurs. It was the beginning of LaunchPad.


As a proponent of technology, Wakeman always looks for technology implementation in business to make them efficient and value added. He is excited about the machine learning and its applications in business problems. Wakeman thinks that since there is a large amount of data available by now, the technology would have the power to transform the businesses. It can improve decision making, overall quality, and speed of business processes. However, Wakeman thinks that it may breach the privacy of people if not used it judiciously. He adds that it may make philosophical and political advancements to create guideposts that can better preserve humanity.


Glen Wakeman also founded Nova Four, a startup accelerator firm that offers strategic advises to developing companies and helps them to access capital. He worked with GE capital for more than two decades and was responsible for various leadership roles in business development, operations management, and general management. Wakeman completed his master’s in Business from the University of Chicago.

Jeunesse Creates First All-Natural Mind-Enhancing Health Drink

There have been few stories, over the last decade, of entrepreneurial success stories as compelling as that of Jeunesse. Founded in 2009, the company has quickly grown to become one of the globe’s most prosperous and best-selling health and beauty brands.


With distributors in countries ranging from Senegal to Singapore, Jeunesse Global is leaving its mark of beauty on the global population. The company is the brainchild of industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, a couple who had spent nearly their entire adult lives building highly successful companies in the health and beauty sector. After having founded Jeunesse out of their garage, a few months after attempting to retire for the third and final time, the couple’s entrepreneurial instincts began to take over.


Soon, the company that they had founded as a hobby to pass the time was doing nearly $1 million in sales each year. By its fifth year of operation, Jeunesse Global was doing tens of millions in sales and had thousands of distributors the planet over. It was during the later period of the company’s ascent that Lewis began returning to the drawing boards to create some of the most innovative health and beauty products that had been introduced over the prior 30 years. (Click Jeunesse Global Fastest Growing Company Year to learn more about the company)


One of the products that the couple has developed is the drink called M1nd. The first cognition-enhancing health drink of its kind, M1nd has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments to increase working memory, lengthen attention span and promote quick and accurate mental calculation. M1nd is used by millions of people worldwide, many of whom swear by the drink’s almost uncanny ability to intensify their mental state and improve productive throughout the day.


Refer to This Article for additional information on Jeunesse Global.


Another productivity-enhancing product with which Jeunesse has promoted its innovation bona-fides is the company’s AM PM Essentials. Made from a proprietary mix of some of the most effective vitamins and nutritional supplements on the planet, AM PM Essentials allows users to maximize their energy use during the day and get a great sleep at night.


Visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/jeunesse-global-2


The multi-vitamin has been used by thousands of people worldwide and has been shown to increase alertness by day and restfulness by night.

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Efforts of Dr. Mark in Offering Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Mark Holterman is working tirelessly to research new therapies, teaching students, performing surgeries, and educating others with lectures and articles. He is also the chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health. Dr. Mark also supports several health-related charities such as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) despite his several obligations and duties. IPSAC-VN recently released a press giving insights on the efforts of Dr. Mark to support the organization and other charitable institutions (TheNewsVersion). The group brings the latest surgical improvements to sick children at Vietnam medical schools. It also works with people interested in supporting its efforts by enabling them to donate volunteer services or money.


IPSAC-VN requires volunteer support for offering patient care, training medical staff, teaching students on carrying out pediatric surgery and new techniques at medical schools and hospitals. People who want to volunteer for the support ought to meet specific requirements such as giving a copy of the medical license for volunteers, have a valid passport that remains valid for not less than six months after the planned visit, and send a complete CV. IPSAC-VN ensures that it offers self-sustaining care for children in Vietnam (https://www.osfhealthcare.org/physicians/profile/2358/mark-j-holterman-md-phd/). The charitable organization educates a new generation of surgeons, healthcare providers, and teachers and promotes beneficial healthcare activities. It also organizes for top-caliber surgical procedures in remote highland areas in Vietnam.


Due to the need for pediatric surgeries across the globe, IPSAC-VN promotes donations of skills and time as well as monetary donations to carry out the surgeries. Minor surgeries for children are often handled as outpatient cases. However, disenfranchised kids face real issues when they have to undergo significant operations. Some common types of major operations are repair of congenital heart disorders, removal of tumors, organ transplants, corrections of issues related to fetal development, and corrective surgeries to fix spinal abnormalities and bone malformations.


Dr. Mark Holterman has worked at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine since 2011. He studied biology at Yale University. Mark later earned his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Dr. Mark has made several accomplishments in his career. He has written and developed several peer-reviewed presentations, papers and medical texts on topics such as bariatric surgery.


Stream Energy Puts on Annual “Women in Power” Event

In an office building in Dallas, Texas, hundreds of entrepreneurs and business associates gathered with energy and enthusiasm to learn how to be better leaders and empower themselves. The event, known as “Women in Power,” was put on by Stream Energy (HighTechChronicle). The energy company has a direct selling business model that offers a variety of energy and integrated life services.


Women in Power is all about helping women find their own unique voice and develop their dream businesses and careers. Various classes and workshops with different areas of focus are provided to the women who attend. The company’s representatives say they hope to provide women with real tools to help empower them and inspire other women around the world.


This year, the event theme was “Shine.” This is all about helping women find their own shine and confidence because confidence is such an integral part of the business and often women sell themselves short when it comes to expressing value and negotiating terms.


Classes on mindfulness, personal branding, being your own boss, selling, and motivation were all offered. The group, founded in 2010, has been growing rapidly thanks to the positive feedback of attendees. The associates are also connected with mentors that help them avoid common pitfalls and make big leaps forward in their business.


Famous female speakers and business figures provided their insights during the event. This includes Melissa Mark Garner (corporate wellness consultant), Karen Leland (business influencer), and Nicole Lapin (a best-selling author and news correspondent). Chelsey Berend, the Director of Events at Stream, expressed hope that these skills could help these women become Women of Power.


Stream Energy is a Dallas, TX-based

company that was founded in 2005. They offer innovative solutions to common life services, integrating them in a unique way. They offer protective, wireless, home, and energy services for their customers. The direct selling model allows them to remain flexible and pass cost savings on to their customers.


Because of their fresh approach, the company has grown rapidly in their twelve years of operation, achieving an impressive $8 billion in sales. Their services help people stay connected no matter where they are. Aside from just Texas, the company now offers services in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., New York, Maryland, and Georgia.

More about Stream Energy at http://releasefact.com/2017/11/stream-energy/