Overweight In Brazil Is Shocking, Says Sergio Cortes

In 2014 a survey of the Health Ministry warned that about 17% of the population is obese and over 50% is above the ideal maximum weight according to the BMI indicators (Body Mass Index). Another survey by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) also released some information related to the health of the population. It is estimated that the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) has the largest number of overweight people (about 63% of the state population), compared to other states. In second place is the state of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), with 60.4% of the population in this condition. Ranking third is the Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), which also has 60.4% of the population overweight.
An important fact derived from the survey by the IBGE is that, although the Rio Grande do Sul to be in this prominent position, the Brazilian state with the most obese said persons is Santa Catarina. This is because obesity and overweight are considered different conditions, clarifies the doctor Sergio Cortes. They are considered obese people who have excess fat. In turn, overweight means having more weight than is considered by IMC as normal or healthy, according the calculations made to their age, height and sex. At the national level, this research confirmed that approximately 56% of the population is above the weight number that corresponds to about 82 million people, says Sergio Cortes.
According to Sergio Cortes, medical doctor and expert on the subject, the data released by research are shocking because obesity is usually accompanied by other diseases, mostly chronic, which leave their mark in more than 72% of deaths in the country. Another study by the Global Burden of Diseases Study found out that in 2010, more than 3.4 million deaths in the world had a cause or determining factor overweight or obesity. Sergio Cortes also points out that in Brazil, the number reached 2,300 deaths resulting from these factors, according to a study in 2011 by the ESP data. According to Sergio Cortes, experts say the trend is that these figures will increase, if not taken no action to prevent and/or bring awareness of people in regard to these diseases.
In search of the body “ideal”, many people embark on crazy and restricted diets and without professional supervision that may even harm their health. What few know is that small daily care can already make a huge difference, says Sergio Cortes. There are many factors that can influence obesity or cause overweight in person, such as a genetic predisposition, bad food, low water intake, among others.

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