Osteoarthritis: One of the many members of the arthritis family.

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that affects the cartilage in your joints. The cartilage is there in your joints to act as a buffer so that the bones do not rub up against each other. If you have Osteoarthritis, it means you have lost density of the joint tissue and that is what causes the aches and pains in your joints. Osteoarthritis is degenerative and incurable, as such the patient’s quality of life is dependant on their own self-care, exercise, and medication if needed, otherwise, they risk a life with extra pain that is avoidable. Furthermore, there is a greater chance of the improvement of the condition through weight loss and other lifestyle changes such as, the cessation of smoking and reducing the number of tasks that might be repetitive. Medical treatment is also an option with physical therapy or the use of medications such as NSAIDs but with prolonged use of medication, side effects can occur.


If you are a sufferer of Osteoarthritis of the knee and looking to improve your quality of life, then that’s where the Osteo Relief Institute comes into play. The Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore is your best and only choice for your Osteoarthritis (HealthGrades). The Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore is dedicated to relieving the pain caused by Osteoarthritis affecting the knees. With a tailor made a treatment plan, the Osteo Relief Institute team will help you on your journey through pain management and relief, with the use of exercise and resistance training. There are also medical options available, such as surgery if needed, but those options will be explored after a thorough consultation with a member of the team.


The Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore and its team of health professionals are committed to seeing you live with less pain through a thorough treatment plan and precision care.

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