OSI Group And Their Worldwide Impact

OSI Group is one of the world’s most successful meat supply companies that isn’t mentioned much in the news, but their accomplishments have been quite remarkable.

The company is based in Chicago but has purchased several key meat distribution centers across Europe and Asia that have been key to their operation. Currently running the company is CEO Sheldon Lavin who started out in the banking industry but saw how special OSI Group’s business model was, and he moved up the ranks in the company from just a consultant to an owner of company stake.

OSI Group was founded back in 1909 as just a small butcher shop in the middle of Chicago. It produced some of the finest quality processed meats in the area, and in the 1950s after it had become a larger distribution company known as Otto & Sons, it entered into a partnership with McDonalds restaurants as their chief meat supplier. But they later expanded from McDonalds to supplying for many other restaurants and supermarket chains, and in time they were tapping into overseas markets. OSI Group has become successful not only because they customize meat packages and prepared meals for their clients, but also because of the culture they espouse.

OSI Group takes pride in having a culture of family values and treating employees and customers well. One thing that Lavin has boasted about is that most employees stay at the company for the long run thanks to OSI Group’s workplace atmosphere. But OSI Group also extends this to companies that they acquire. They have purchased operating plants and distribution centers that were undergoing financial crises and have retained employees and managers there while giving them access to funding. Some notable companies that OSI Group has recently acquired are Baho Foods in the Netherlands and Flagship Europe in the UK.

Source: https://www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx

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