North American Spine: AccuraScope Procedure

North American Spine helped the Robert E. Lee Elementary School by helping pre-k students have a Yoga Recess Day. North American Spine donated yoga mats and lessons to the students. It teaches children how to overcome mental and physical disabilities. This is because physical activity helps to stimulate the brain. The children were really excited and got to learn all kinds of new yoga poses. Yoga is exceptional for children who are having a hard time with muscle development and most children catch on very quickly.

North American Spine is well-known for their minimal invasive surgery that can relief neck and spine injuries. The AccuraScope is a procedure that can help treat bulging disks, arthritis, and other conditions. The AccuraScope was made to help alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves. It allows for lower risks of complications along with shorter recovery times. The procedure is conducted with a scope that allows movement up and down the back allowing the doctor to pinpoint the exact location the pain is coming from.

North American Spine has also been considered a finalist in the Greater Dallas Business Ethic Award. This award is for businesses that put only the best forward and offer exceptional service that excels way beyond others. There were considered because of the exceptional services and outstanding work ethics. North American Spine has been providing outstanding service and treatment for over six years. Over eight thousand people have benefited from the AccuraScope procedures. Most patients have had over an eighty percent success rate and more than ninety percent of the patients would refer North American Spine to their friends or family.

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