Millions of People are Making Connections with Skout

Social Times featured an article by Pete Davison titled “Meet New Friends with Skout.” He provided a review of the social app that was undergoing a promotional campaign at the time the article was written. Skout is similar to other mobile social networking apps where users can meet new friends and exchange pictures. Skout users can connect with each other locally or with other users around the world, and the app currently has 3.5 million active monthly users and 42,000 new users who sign-up every day.

New users provide basic information to create their profile so that they can have a personalized experience. Skout’s main screen features pictures of several people in a grid, and the user can tap a picture on the grid to see that person’s profile and basic information. If the user likes what they see, they can “wink” and start communicating with that person.

Skout users earn points, and these points are used to gain access to other activities on the app. Members can use their points to play a bidding game called “Look at Me” to try to have a featured spot and gain more visibility. Points may be purchased or acquired in various ways by using some of the features on the app. Sending gifts and making a large number of “winks” in a single action are a couple of ways points are used.

The Skout app has become known for having an active social community with plenty of people to chat or flirt with. Users can randomly chat with others by shaking their own device, and this will provide them with a connection with someone anywhere around the world. Points, “winks,” gifts and photos are all designed to encourage users to interact with each other.

Pete Davison describes the Skout app as being of reasonable quality and well put together. At the time his article was published, Skout was ranked No. 16 in Top Grossing Social Networking Apps. Pete’s article can be read at

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