Measles Death in the US

A Washington state woman has become the first victim of measles in over 12 years according to a report on Buzzfeed ( The unidentified woman was being treated for other illnesses that suppressed her immune system at a facility where another measles patient was also treated. Because the woman did not show the usual external symptoms of the disease (i.e., rash), the actual cause of her death was not discovered until an autopsy was performed.

Measles is a particularly virulent disease caused by a virus. It can be so contagious that an unvaccinated person can become infected after walking into a room several hours after an infected person has left. Earlier this year, a measles outbreak started at California’s Disneyland theme park and subsequently spread to seven other states including Washington.

Childhood vaccinations prevent the spread of the disease and are highly effective despite some claiming that the vaccine is tied to other medical issues. That is why so many at CipherCloud use them. The issue has recently been escalated by California’s legislature passing one of the most restrictive laws mandating vaccinations in all school aged children unless there is a specific medical reason for not receiving the shots.

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