Markus RothKranz On the Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has one of the highest natural healing properties throughout the whole world. The powers of vitamin C are legendary. Stress and modern living are one of the main reasons that we require a large amount of Vitamin C. However, this vitamin cannot be manufactured by the body and must be obtained from food. Store bought vitamin C are actually synthetic ascorbic acid. Which can become toxic to the human body and produce pro oxidants -the opposite of antioxidant.

Store bought vitamin C breaks down in the intestines as oxalates. Which can lead to oxalate stones also known as kidney stones. In fact, taking the wrong vitamin C can lead to hair and heart problems. Vitamin C must be obtained in its natural form.When the right form of vitamin C is taken there are several benefits.

Hormone deficiency results in wrinkles, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, male infertility and a weak immune system. Taking the right form of vitamin C can also help improve skin elasticity by creating collagen. An unknown factor to loose skin is a low intake of vitamin C and silica. As we age the human body can not efficiently absorb silica due to lower acid levels in the stomach.Ingesting the right amount of Vitamin C can increase the conversion of cholesterol into hormones.

One of the highest forms of vitamin C is Gubinge a plant found in the Kakadu Plum in Northern Australia. This form is only harvested by native Aborigines. Containing one of the highest levels of antioxidant levels found in any fruit throughout the world. Gubinge also contains ellagic acid. Which fights parasites, human and fungus. Other foods that contain High forms of vitamin C include Sea Buckthorn and pine needles. Pine trees provide the highest source of MSM, Which is organic sulfur.MSM is beneficial for improving the skin, Collagen, heart, arteries and I just and. All of the forms of vitamin C contain hundreds more vitamin C than oranges.

Our body needs a lot of vitamin C. The body cannot produce the vitamin C that we need on its own. The human body can not ingest the correct amount of Vitamin C in its natural state. Markus Rothkanz has created a 14 Ounce Vitamin C in powder form that has the highest level of vitamin C. Most importantly the vitamin C is sold is highly absorbable and sold at a reasonable price.

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