Marie Claire Talks Fabletics

Marie Claire recently conducted an interview with the beautiful A-list actress, Kate Hudson. What you may not know about Kate is that she is a spokeswoman and the co-creator of the popular athleisure company called Fabletics. Fabletics carries unique and fashionable athletic leisure clothing, and if you know anything about this type of clothing, you know it’s a huge and current trend. Kate talks her new additions to the huge collection of athleisure with excitement, letting her fans know that athleisure is far more versatile than people may have originally thought.

One thing about Fabletics is the unique styles and colors, and the sleek fabrics that are form fitting and hug you in all the right areas. Kate Hudson describes the newest line for Fabletics as being a collection of athleisure dresses. Sounds weird, right? But these dresses are not only fashionable, but they’re versatility allows you to wear them anywhere in comfort and while making a statement. One pictured in the article through Marie Claire is a sleek, black style that you could wear out on the town, to a formal event or casually at home or in your community. One other thing Fabletics recently introduced is a line of athleisure bathing suits. With funky styles, bold colors and great material, these suits are perfect for the upcoming summer.

If you’re not familiar with how Fabletics’ amazing Instagram stories work, they’re¬†pretty neat. You can subscribe to recieve new athleisure pieces each month at a fixed and reasonable cost. They will send you packages each month based on your style preferences and size. It’s a fantastic way to add to your wardrobe gradually and keep your fashion current. In comparison to its competitors like Nike, the price is so much less. Since athleisure became a lifestyle trend, companies have added more and more athleisure and are able to increase the price because of the desirability of this fashion statement. Fabletics is the perfect company to try out athleisure- don’t waste any time!


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