Lime Crime Introduces Yet Another Popular Brand

If you’re like thousands of other women, you want to believe beauty is skin deep and retain your glow. There is a brand designer for a trendsetter like you with remote shades and hues unmatched by other big name competition. Get a completely waterproof brand with an amazing touch-free application exclusive to their cosmetics. You’ll love the price also with most products reasonably priced at under $35.95. The superior Lime Crime cosmetic brand is the perfect package of lipstick and eye-shadow. Their waterproof liquid eye-liner continues to be a favorite among their wearers for its complete stay power.

LC Makes International Expansion

LC has always expanded their line under the direction of their founder, professional female entrepreneur, Doe Deere. Their recent expansion includes an international partnership with the China market. Consumers weren’t afraid to admit a demand for their cosmetics. Their global marketing specialist noticed a surge of matte cosmetics on the black market and quickly came up with a solution. They were able to create an e-commerce market that allows the marketing and purchasing power of super-foil cosmetics. The international deal has been as success for all parties involved and solidifies the growth of Lime Crime.

More About LC Cosmetics

Do you crave organic products for your skin? The Lime Crime line is a complete line of vegan cosmetics that won’t threaten your skin with rashes or blemishes. Their products are committed to accenting your best features. You can highlight your sparkling blur eyes with amazing bright colors or show off your sultry lips with a shade that won’t fade. They’re new PURR line is a great 5 palette tray of 5 original intricate colors. You won’t easily find their colors with their competitors.

You won’t find their products at your ordinary beauty care retailer. There is a descriptive link on their website for each of their products. They feature models of most skin types so you’ll know how it will look on your skin type. You’ll also find Lime Crime products at select participating Bloomingdale department stores featured discreetly on the beauty care aisle.

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