Jon Urbana Pushes His Skills Into Different Areas

Jon Urbana is a well known figure in the Denver, Colorado area for the work he has completed with young people and through his impressive Next Level Lacrosse Camps. Through his work with his lacrosse camps Urbana is not only trying to produce the best possible group of lacrosse players he can, but also to help the young people attending in 2016 become better citizens for the future. Through his coaching the former Villanova lacrosse star has found his approach to charity work change in recent years.

Like most people who use Twitter, Jon Urbana has become concerned about the impact the human race is having on the environment around us, which has inspired him to look to become involved with the Earth Force movement. Urbana believes the young people of the planet can be inspired in a variety of different ways and hopes his fund raising activities for Jon Urbana’s Earth Force group will allow them to help young people understand the challenges facing the globe. Urbana sees these fundraising activities as an extension of his successful lacrosse career that has inspired thousands of children to live more productive lives.

Alongside the good work Jon Urbana undertakes to aid the citizens of the future, he also looks to expand his own horizons as an artist in many different areas. One of the areas Urbana has recently been pushing himself to explore is in the many different forms of music he has been creating. The exploration of different forms of music on Tumblr has taken Urbana out of his comfort zone of guitar playing to the genre of electronic music. The exploration of electronic music has included Urbana using his skills to remix the sings he enjoys or finds inspiration from.

Photography has been another area Jon Urbana has been seeking to explore through his love both vintage film and digital photography. Not only does Jon Urbana look to use his social media accounts to publish his own photography work, but also explains the many movies and photo’s that influence the work he now completes.

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