Jennifer Walden’s Amazing Journey

People believe Wonder Women is just a cartoon character designed to inspire youngs girls and teenagers to be confident, independent, and charismatic. However, there is a real life Wonder Women that should also be an inspiration for young girls and teenagers, and her name is Dr. Jennifer Walden.

From the start of her childhood, Walden was a very hands-on person, and it was no surprise to anyone when she said her dream job was to become a surgeon. The reasoning behind her career choice also might have been impacted by her parent’s careers. Her father was a father and her mother was a surgical nurse.

Walden started out in New York but decided she wanted a change so she moved to Austin, Texas to try and advance her career. It ended up being an excellent career choice for Walden. Being a women surgeon in a male’s career can be difficult, but Walden has taken the industry by storm. She is one of the 180 women in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Walden claims her success comes from the technology she uses when it comes to plastic surgery. One of her main reasons for success is her ability to make her patients feel comfortable, especially women patients because she is able to create a special bond with them.

Harper’s Bazaar announced that Walden was one of the top twenty-four surgeons in the United States of America, which is a huge accomplishment for women surgent. Another accomplishment by Walden was that she was a spokesperson for ASAPS about an article written about labiaplasty surgery. Jennifer Walden is truly an inspiration to all women, and it is not hard to want to follow in her footsteps.


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