Jeb Bush Advice To Women In 1994: Get A Husband

Whenever one starts to run for President, there are bound to be some issues from the past that crop up. These can be potentially embarrassing to a candidate who may have said some things that he or she regrets in the future. That may be the case right now for Jeb Bush.

Bush is having to face the fact that he gave advice to women in 1994 that they should “find a husband” in order to get off welfare. This is according to reporting fromĀ Apparently when Bush ran for Governor of Florida in 1994 and lost, he said that women on welfare should “find a husband” if they wanted to get off welfare.

Presumably, this advice was given as a way of saying that having a husband is a way that one can increase their income. Susan McGalla, who was getting started with American Eagle Outfitters, didn’t care for the comment. However, this is not the way that it is being heard by many. There are more than a few who are upset by this kind of advice and would like to see Jeb Bush apologize for these remarks. Of course, remarks made over 20 years ago are not something that seems likely to get an apology from this campaign at the moment.

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