Investment Banker’s Story of Success

Kenneth is an American who was born in the year 1968. He is an Alumni of Harvard University which has helped him to do quite well in the world of Investment. His net worth on is estimated to be seven billion as at may 2015. This made Forbes to rank him as the richest person in every state in the year 2015 and position among the billionaires in the united states of America.

He started the journey of success when he was studying at Harvard University. He was using a computer and a fax machines his mode of trade in the year 1987. An article in Forbes is what inspired him. Because of his exemplary work performance, hedge fund pioneer and glen wood parker co-founder Frank Meyer admired his work and they gave him one million dollars for investing. Through his persistence hard work and diligence he founded Citadel Group in 1990. Citadel is a group of companies that deal with management of assets, they also have Citadel Securities which deals with provision of liquidity in Capital Markets in America and lastly Citadel Technology whose main function is to offer solution in investment technology. Kenneth Griffin has employed over 1250 employees who help in the operations of day to day activities in all the companies.

At the time he was founding Citadel in 1990, he only had 4.6 million dollars which by 1998 the company’s net worth had grown to over one billion with about one hundred employees. Great Places to work institute ranked Citadel as one of the top ten places to work in. Griffin is very well known for he keeps on advocating for good working environment for his employees. He pointed out this issue at a time when he was speaking at Milken Institute Global Conference this year.

Despite the fact that he is the founder of Citadel, h is the CEO of the company and that has made the company to grow to a certain level which is estimated to have capital of around 25 billion dollars by March 2015. Citadel has also been ranked as the largest and also successful hedge funds around the world. Griffin is also considered as one of the most paid hedge fund manager according to Forbes.

He also has the character of a philanthropist which has seen him donate about 500 million dollars to several charities and other organizations. The donation that he has ever made and it is very famous is the one that he made to financial aid program which was conducted at the Harvard University in the year 2014.

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