Image Recognition: Changing the way we do things

Image recognition, also known as computer vision, is the process of identifying and detecting objects or features in a digital image or video. It is the process that a computer uses to see an image, take it in, and understand it. Image recognition technology, such as facial, optical character, and pattern recognition, has made a huge impact on the way that we interact with our computers, smartphones, video games, and other technology. Image recognition has changed the way that we do many things, from shop to play.
As its name implies, facial recognition technology is used to detect faces. Through the identification of 80 different points on the human face, this technology can tell one face from another. In the past, facial recognition was mainly used for security purposes. In recent years, it has become a part of every day life. Apps allow people to tag friends in photos using facial recognition technology. It is also used with video gaming systems, allowing them to tell players apart. It can even be used to create video game characters that look just like the player. Optical character recognition, or OCR, is used to detect and read printed text. This technology converts images of text into machine-coded text. Optical character recognition is mainly used as a form of data entry for things like bank statements, checks, mail, business cards, and passport documents. It is also used to help the blind and visually impaired, converting text to speech. Pattern recognition technology can detect any pattern at all in data. It classifies the data or objects based on prior knowledge or statistical information.
Companies like Slyce, the leading visual search provider, use this image recognition technology to connect retailers and brands with their customers at any time. Slyce gives shoppers the ability to find the things they want by simply snapping a picture with their smartphones. They offer retailers and brands customizable services that will meet all of their visual search needs. Slyce has greatly impacted the way that customers shop with services like visual product search mobile snap-to- buy, tag and display, v-commerce, and physical advertising recognition digital convergence.
Image recognition technology has greatly impacted many of the things that we do from day to day, and it has done so to our advantage. The use of this technology has made many things easier to accomplish from interacting with friends online to shopping. It has taken our ability to search for information, people, products, and more to a whole new level.

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