How is End Citizens United Doing It? Let’s Take a Look

American citizens have for a long time controlled the political climate in their nation. Since they won their rights and freedoms, the responsibility of electing national leaders has for many years relied on them. However, in 2010 a motion was passed to allow rich people to get involved in politics. It was a move done in good faith so that people with wealth can be able to support their preferred candidates. However, the outcomes have proven to be discouraging since six years after its enactment, many individuals have made use of such an opportunity to accelerate their devious agendas. They have utilized their money to control decisions of politicians who they helped bring to power. In so doing, their actions have directed government funding to projects that they have high stakes in, thus paralyzing development exercises that might benefit the entire nation.


Taking note of the above, angry citizens have made it their agenda to fight back. Their struggle is not physical, but of a rational manner. One major strategy that End Citizens United uses is to recruit wealthy politicians who they believe to have the best interests of the nation at heart. The PAC rallies its support behind such individuals, and the politicians present the agenda of End Citizens United to the legislative arm of government for further deliberations. On its part, the above move proves to be smart since it can cause a reversal of the 2010 ruling to favor American citizens. Since the PAC has many volunteer members, it has also attracted the attention of high-ranking professionals including lawyers. To this end, the organization has made use of these advocates as resources to help it fight court battles regarding the 2010 legislation. Because there is power in numbers, it is only a matter of time before End Citizens United overruns the selfish billionaires.


Besides, End Citizens United has come to a decision to fight billionaires with the only tool they have, money. Through donations from members and advertisements, the PAC has been able to raise millions of dollars. In the previously concluded general elections, the organization was able to raise more than two million dollars, money it utilized to campaign for its selected Democrats. End Citizens United has already received four million dollars in the first three months of this year. The PAC plans on raising more than thirty-five million dollars by the end of the year so that the money can be made use of to finance Congress elections. Since End Citizens United has high morals and values, it no longer accepts handouts from anyone unless you are a member. Thus, the ever-increasing donation numbers prove that the PAC has already won the hearts of many citizens, nationals that feel that their country is in the wrong hands.


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