Helane L. Morrison Leads Hall Capital into a New Era of Equality

Helane L. Morrison is a member of the triumvirate leading Hall Capital into a new era. Her ideas on equality of the sexes in the workplace are shared by the two other women she shares power with at Hall Capital. The other two women are Kathyrn Hall and Sarah Stein, together they direct the efforts and energies of Hall Capital, in a coordinated effort to advance the issues of integrity and gender equality in the workplace in a largely male dominated profession.

Morrison trained as an attorney, with newspaper experience, and served as a clerk for Harry A. Blackmun on the United States Supreme Court. She worked as counsel for the Securities and Exchange Commision and her last duty station for the SEC was in San Francisco before she left to join Hall Capital as counsel and compliance officer where she advanced to a position of power. It gave her an opportunity to further the pursuit of integrity within the investment profession, as well as the chance to introduce more women into this male dominated profession. 

As an attorney for the SEC she served to represent the individual against the very powerful investment industry. Her specialty has been in capital investments and now she has crossed over in that endeavor to become a leader and she uses that new power for the betterment of the investment industry. She has, in fact, gone from watch dog to top dog. Check out her work in the Google Book of one of her cases below.

While her position at the head of Hall Capital might be considered by some good ole boys as radical, her thinking is completely rational. She has said that the world is composed of half men, half women, and that half of her fellow students pursuing their MBA’s were women. Why then, she asks, should men dominate the ranks of the investment industry?

To find more news about Helane Morrison and see her resume in full, check out her Crunchbase profile.

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