Forerunner as Crisis and Online Reputation Management Firm

Digital world plays an important role today in promoting and enhancing the concept of effective management. Its pivotal role as a PR promotes company achievements and helps incorporate their brand image. Quick to realize this ‘Status Labs’ launched in 2012 successfully helped over 1000’s of businesses and individuals improve their reputation.

Its key concept’s in building a company’s online reputation is –
1. Look best in search results
2. Online reputation matters today. People can form first and last impressions of a company by going through their website.
3. Provide a second chance to people and business that actually deserve it.

The success story of Status Labs is in fact interesting. It actually grew by making changes and restructuring its own management. The company based in Austin, Texas came under severe criticism from the press and suffered its own reputation. Negative news articles and vicious contents on social media made the company loose valued employees. This crisis made the management realize the negative impact of workplace attitude. Lasting changes were however made by making changes in leadership, boosting team morale, changing their behavior by engaging more with the local community. Recognizing individual and group achievements the company implemented various schemes to improve employer- employee relationship. Starting a company newsletter and making monthly updates improved team spirit by bringing issues to the forefront. This helped them build a team with high ethics, broaden company culture and reputation.

In short the crisis changed Status Labs for the better. Their awesome successes put the company in the forefront and look great in search results, which in actual fact is one of its own key policies. Two factors – 1. What happens when a reputation management firm experiences its own reputation crisis? 2. A change in behavior is the only way to ensure a lasting change in reputation. helped Status Lab build itself as a forerunner – crisis and online reputation management firm.

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