Flipora Sets the Stage for Social Content Revolution

The world of the internet has evolved at a rapid pace over the past decade or so. Once simply a niche form of communication, the internet is now a second world with which most people live for hours at a time. Whether we are chasing hobbies or business through the internet, our usage rate doesn’t decline. Social media has begun to play a larger and larger role over the years thanks to websites and social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. We’ve started to see people really take control over how they engage with their content and the outcome is clear: people like connection. Connecting is of the utmost importance and it is a way by which many tech companies are looking to the future. One of those companies is Flipora, a social media content sharing application that just might change the internet forever.

For roughly the past five years Flipora has been growing at an exceptional rate. Right now the app is bringing in close to 150,000 new users every single week. What Flipora does, essentially, is operate as a content curator for people who love to browse the internet. You install it into your browser or onto your phone, iOS or Android, and then let it run quietly in the background. The app will collect your browsing habits and then feed it onto the Flipora cloud network. Here this information is indexed with the other 20 million plus pages of data (seriously) that is collected every day. The Discovery Engine, which makes Flipora so special, will then chart all of the visited websites and then begin to send them out to the users.

As you can see this is a passive way for users to begin to share content with one another. no longer do you have to manually add content to a list and then hope it gets seen, you just go about your day like normal. This is about as latency free as it gets and it’s a slamdunk way for users to interact in a beneficial way. You’ll discover new content and help others find content of their own all without really having to lift a finger.

For those concerned about security and privacy, Flipora is designed with the end user in mind. There is a ‘record’ button on the app that allows you to toggle the program on and off. Anytime you want to end your Flipora usage you can simply press a button and be done. Flipora is an easy to install app that is gaining buzz all over the tech world thanks to its innovative discovery engine. Many believe that this may change the way we search for content in the future.

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