Fight Off Cancer With a 5 Day Diet

Fasting has always been part of fad diets, which doctors discourage because fasting for long periods of time can damage your organs. However, they’ve since come up with a 5 day diet that is not only safe, but also reduces your cancer risk.

The 5 day diet they’ve come up with is safe to do on a monthly basis. In their test group, it was found that on the diet, their patients minimized their risk for a number of things, including cancer, aging, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. Although they only had 19 test subjects, the researchers want to get FDA approval so it can be a diet physicians can prescribe to their patients.

The concept behind the diet is that it gets rid of old cells and promotes the growth of new cells, which is rebooting your system in a sense. As suggests, the “Fasting Mimicking Diet” lets you eat normally for 25 days of the month, then on the last 5 days, you eat a smaller amount of calories, with them spread out between categories like protein and fat.

This diet is especially effective because you don’t have to starve your body of its nutrients. Instead, you still have nourishment on those 5 days on the diet.

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