Fabletics Offers Customer Service With a Difference

It used to be that customer service in the fashion world came via in-store attention from salespeople who knew how to cater to their special customer’s specific tastes. Today, people still appreciate that level of customer service, but with so much of today’ new fashion being offered via ecommerce, the business model has had to change. Keeping competitive in the online fashion world today means catering to customer tastes, especially since amazon.com now has a 20 percent share of all the online fashion business globally. Startup companies today are advised that only those that can offer unique brand appeal, last mile service and incredible customer experiences will really be able to compete in the online fashion world. And all of that is really just for starters.


So how does a new ecommerce fashion brand break through to customers today? The Fabletics brand is one company that is doing it, with huge growth coming in after just three years of being in business. Right now the company is valued at $250 million, which is an amazing achievement, especially in this very competitive business.


Appealing to Active Women


The idea behind Fabletics, which was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson with her partners, was to give women highly fashionable active wear that doubles as clothing for work or casual social events. All this, at a price that is affordable to women at every socio-economic level.


One of the attractive aspects of Fabletics is its engagement with customers through its VIP monthly service. Every month VIP subscribers receive a selection of clothing specially curated by Hudson herself. These selections are geared to the customer’s specific workout needs, which are communicated to the company via an enrollment questionnaire. This special level of service has made the company very popular with customers, who enjoy having a high level of customer care at an affordable price.


Kate Hudson is also an asset to the company as a spokesperson. Her active, athletic lifestyle and positive spirit make her an attractive figure for a company that is serving the needs of women who are living an active lifestyle themselves.



As the Fabletics brand moves forward, there’s no doubt it will continue to innovate and grow as it keeps up with the tastes and desires of its customer bases. Despite the odds against success in today’s competitive online environment, Fabletics is succeeding and making a difference.

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